Team Captain: Phillip L.
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Volvo Match
Janet Hogan
Pat Durner
8/19/2012$50.00Good Luck Phil Jim, Pat, Jen, Doug AJ and Joey
Pat and Ken Scannell
Marlyn & Jim
8/01/2012$100.00Thanks for doing this phil.
Ellen & Joe Zerega
Henry Family
Willis and Murray
Karen Flavin
7/26/2012$50.00I believe God will be running with you, Phil. How great that you are giving back from your blessings to help others. Thanks for being a good example for us all. I want to always make lemonade when life gives me lemons!
Christine McKenna
7/22/2012$40.00Phil - Your Aunt Nancy tells me wonderful things about you! I wish you all the best in your run!

Teammates are added to this list when they register for Team Lemon and choose to join this team. If there are team members who should appear here but don’t, please contact us.

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