The Great Lemonade War

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Congratulations to Alden Primary School in Alden, NY, the 2015 winners of the Great Lemonade War!The Lemonade War

We declare a LEMONADE war!

Congratulations to Alden Primary, in Alden, NY, our 2015 first-place winner! They have participated in the Great Lemonade War for a number of years, coming in second last year. This year, with a total of $6,746, they are taking home the crown! They have won a school visit from the author of The Lemonade War book series, Jacqueline Davies, and one of the ALSF co-executive directors, Liz Scott.

The race to second was close this year, with the second and third place schools only separated by $27. We would like to congratulate W.C. Petty Elementary School in Antioch, IL and Mill Street Elementary in Naperville, IL on their respective second and third place victories. They will receive Skype sessions with Jacqueline Davies and Liz Scott. Additionally, these schools will receive The Lemonade War series signed by Jacqueline Davies.

We would also like to say thank you and congratulations to all of our 2015 Great Lemonade War contestants. This year, thanks to all of the hard work of the schools that participated, over $24,400 was raised! This is the equivalent of three months of pediatric cancer research!


We are extremely appreciative of all of the participating schools, you truly have made a difference!

Schools participating in past Great Lemonade War contests have helped to raise more than $80,000 for childhood cancer research. From lemonade stands, hat days, talent shows, coin collections, staff for a day fundraisers and more, the students and teachers truly make it their mission to continue Alex’s legacy. Take a look at some of the efforts of these amazing schools by clicking on the Photo Album link below.

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