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<p>Dear [user-display-name],</p> <p> Thank you for supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and creating the fundraising page, [page-title]. We’re thrilled that you have joined us in the fight against childhood cancer, one cup at a time.</p> <p> As you prepare for [page-title], please take a moment to read some of the important information below.</p> <ul><li> Fundraising Page: The direct link to your fundraising page is: [page-link]<br /> Your page is a way to track your fundraising progress as well as “market” your event. Feel free to email the link to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. to tell them about your fundraiser and encourage them to make an online donation!</li> <li> Event ID: Your unique event id is [page-id]. Please make note of your event id, as you will need it when sending in donations to make sure they are credited to your fundraising page!</li> <li> Fundraising Coach: A member of ALSF’s dedicated staff will serve as your personal fundraising coach and assist you along the way! Your coach will be e-mailing you soon with additional information. If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-333-1213.</li> <li> Fundraising Kit: If you requested a fundraising kit when you registered, you should receive it within 1-2 weeks. You can also download and print kit materials, as well as other helpful resources from our website.</li> <li> Merchandise Discount: You can start shopping for your Alex’s merchandise now in our gift shop. Your discount code is 2016standhost.</li> <li> Publicity: If you’d like help garnering media attention for your stand or event, please contact our Director of Communications and Public Relations, Elizabeth O. Romaine, at [email protected] or 866-333-1213.</li> </ul> <p> Thank you again for your support. We look forward to working with you!</p> <p> Sincerely,</p> <p> Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation<br /> (866) 333-1213</p>

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Do you plan to have friends help you with your stand or event? Select the “I’m starting a new team” option below to allow others to sign up to join your fundraising efforts. The names of your team members will be displayed on the fundraising page, and donations can be made on behalf of each member. A team can be as small as two people or as large as you want!

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