Childhood Cancer

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Childhood Cancer Treatment Journal

Alex's Lemonade Treatment Jouranl

Alex's Lemonade Stand is happy to provide a free treatment journal to families of childhood cancer.  The journal will help parents stay organized and keep track of important information.  Social workers and childhood cancer families may request a hard copy which offers assistance with tracking the following:

  • Medications
  • Types of treatment
  • Symptoms and side effects
  • Appointment schedule
  • Questions for healthcare provider
  • Calendars
  • Out-of-Pocket expenses
  • Blood counts
  • Nutrition
  • Scan/Diagnostic tests
  • Plastic sleeves for receipts/notes (*hard copy only)
  • Option to upload documents or images (*online version only)
  • Pain Meter Chart
  • Inspirational quotes and pictures

...and much more!

Please note our treatment journals are intended for families of children with cancer only. Caregivers may request a hard copy, and social workers may request a bulk amount to distribute to their families.

*ALSF is currently out of treatment journals. We are in the process of updating the journal (which will include a Spanish translation) and ordering more copies. You are welcome to submit a request for now and we will notify you once they become available. For questions, please call or email Shirley Moy: 610-649-3034 or [email protected].

If you already have a journal and wish to download additional copies, please click here for downloads.

What Families Say About Cancer Treatment Journals

“When my daughter was diagnosed on March 13, 2009, I didn't know how I was going to keep track of everything thrust upon me. I stumbled upon the ALSF website, and found the Treatment Journal. That thing was a 'sanity-keeper' for me. I couldn't believe that they just send it to you-free of charge! That was amazing! I don't think I could've done without it. It helped keep track of appointments, lab work, chemo schedules...the list goes on! Thank you so much for what was an invaluable item during our cancer journey. I recommended it to many parents that we came across.”
Jaime B., from Houma, LA

“I love the ALSF Treatment Journal. The zip up cover is nice quality, comfortable to handle and helps keep all the loose papers and notes inside because many times, I felt that the most I could handle was to unzip and slip in a note or business card or new prescription. When I ordered the journal, it came almost immediately and it somehow gave me a feeling of comfort that I had a tool to help get organized. I felt so out of control and unable to keep track of so many different appointments and different doctors. I still use the journal even though my daughter finished her treatment over 2 years ago. Thank you for providing these journals and making it so easy to get one.”
CC, Parent
“Each time I share a treatment journal with a newly diagnosed family they say, ‘I have been looking for something exactly like this! I love it.’”
KT, Medical Professional
“The journal was very helpful in tracking my daughter's labs, scans, treatment and appointments. It was the perfect size and durable.”
SF, Parent
“Having all my son’s medical information in a small book I can throw into his bags when he travels or leaves for college in the spring has been a lifesaver. I had tried to figure out how to get everything in for him to be able to show new doctors but struggled with it. This medical organizer has been a lifesaver! A big thanks to everyone who made it possible.”
“You are providing a wonderful service to cancer families. Thank you.”
DR, Parent