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DonorOn Behalf OfDateAmountComments
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Shana Shivel
Nancy Burroughs
Sigrid Tracy
Craig Moran
John Clark
John and Jarelyn Clark6/19/2014$100.00
Mark Van Sickle
Mark and Bridget Van Sickle6/19/2014$50.00
Lisa Phillips
Thomas Feldmann
MDJ Construction Company Inc
Michele Aschenbrenner
Michele and Alan Aschenbrenner6/19/2014$50.00
Jeffrey Prater
Kenneth Knighten
Kenneth and Christina Knighten6/19/2014$25.00
Brian Biehl
Brian and Kimberly Biehl6/19/2014$300.00
Jennifer Roe
Heather Lux
Heather and Geoff Lux6/19/2014$1466.00
Jeremy Blevins
Lisa Roe
Lisa and Tucker Roe6/19/2014$100.00
Chad McGowan
Chad and Cassandra McGowan6/19/2014$200.00
Kendra Brunetti
Eric Stajos
Kurt Merkle
Kurt and Catherine Merkle6/19/2014$25.00
The Patterson's
Austin Lux6/11/2014$250.00
The Robusto's
Vincent DeNobile6/09/2014$20.00
The Robusto's
Libby Kern6/09/2014$20.00
The Robusto's
Justine Seibel6/09/2014$20.00
The Robusto's
Austin Lux6/09/2014$20.00
Roy Family
Jennifer DeNobile6/08/2014$50.00
The Sorrells Family
Austin Lux6/08/2014$100.00Austin, sorry we couldn't make it to the lemonade stand on Saturday, we are out of town. Good luck in reaching your goal this year!
Rick and Shelley Oppedisano
Heather Lux6/08/2014$40.00Great work!
The Anderson Family
Austin Lux6/07/2014$50.00Much love to you all from Texas!!! Hope the day went really well!
The Childs Family
Austin Lux6/07/2014$100.00
Steve and Colby Smale
Austin Lux6/07/2014$40.00Much love to Team Lux and all of the amazing, hardworking kids out there! You should all be extremely proud! Way to go!
Kim and Ray Dillon
Austin Lux6/07/2014$50.00
The Kocians
Vincent DeNobile6/07/2014$150.00Keep up the great work!!
Finger Lakes Monument Co., Inc.
Heather Lux6/07/2014$100.00
Big Fireworks
Heather Lux6/07/2014$100.00
The Tuckers
Vincent DeNobile6/07/2014$1000.00Great job, all of you!
Geoff & Heather Lux
Austin Lux6/07/2014$1000.00So proud of these kids!!!
Martha and Norris Rachels
Austin Lux6/07/2014$25.00Sell some Lemonade today Austin:-)!
Martha and Norris Rachels
Justine Seibel6/07/2014$25.00So proud of you!!
The Sova Family
Austin Lux6/06/2014$50.00
The DeNobile's
Vincent DeNobile6/06/2014$1000.00Drink more lemonade
Kevin & Helen Phalen
Austin Lux6/06/2014$500.00For you Austin and all the kids..............
Carson and Jake
Austin Lux6/06/2014$20.00We'll be out to drink some lemonade with our Mom and Dad!
Kevin and Jeanette Mater
Austin Lux6/06/2014$50.00
The Mikels
Justine Seibel6/05/2014$50.00
Kristen watson
Austin Lux6/05/2014$100.00
The Sullivans
Justine Seibel6/05/2014$20.00
The Sullivans
Austin Lux6/05/2014$20.00
The Sullivans
Libby Kern6/05/2014$20.00
Kristy and Ashley
Scott DeNobile6/05/2014$50.00
Bill and Char
Austin Lux6/05/2014$50.00We like lemonade ! Best of Luck !
Carolyn wray
Libby Kern6/04/2014$25.00
Vincent DeNobile6/04/2014$100.00Good Luck with the lemonade stand!!
The Arau Family
Scott DeNobile6/04/2014$125.00Good luck this weekend.
The Rapa Family
Libby Kern6/04/2014$50.00
The Rapa Family
Vincent DeNobile6/04/2014$50.00
Love, Aunt Pam
Vincent DeNobile6/04/2014$150.00
Ann and Vic
Scott DeNobile6/04/2014$100.00Good luck!
Kelsey and Jeremy Markovich
Austin Lux6/04/2014$50.00
Alison Phalen
Austin Lux6/03/2014$50.00
Auntie Marcia, Uncle Jerret and Emmet
Austin Lux6/03/2014$200.00Go Austin and Team Baxter!
The Hutsons
Austin Lux6/02/2014$300.00
Volvo Donation
Scott DeNobile4/07/2014$500.00
Sigrid Tracy
Scott DeNobile3/05/2014$100.00

Teammates are added to this list when they register for Grand Stands and choose to join this team. If there are team members who should appear here but don’t, please contact us.

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Vincent DeNobile
Libby Kern
Austin Lux
Geoffrey Lux
Justine Seibel