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Austin passed away in the arms of his mommy and daddy at 2:12 am.  He was one tough little dude and gave it all he had! 

May you rest in peace AUSTIN!!!

My name is Shannon; I am a very close friend to Wendy Danter. Although you don't know me, my heart is broken for the entire Burke family. My deepest condolences go out to each and every one of you. I will hold you close in my heart forever.
My husband has Medulloblastoma and is in the fight of his life. It's such a horrible, horrible disease.
Austin, may you rest in peace little man. Fly with the angels!

We love you Austin... RIP sweet baby boy

always thinking of you austin. You are forever in our hearts. <3

Forever in our hearts you shall stay BooBoo!!! There isn't a second of the day that goes by that I don't think of you! You are always on my mind forever and ever until we at together again! You have no idea how much you are loved! We all miss you terribly and we are working our butts off to try to help other little boys and girls to fight this awful disease in your HONOR! We love you to the moon and back baby boy! 

XoXoXo's from Mommy, Daddy and Zachy

 Great day today!!!!  Austin's Avengers were part of something special!!  We will keep moving and help fight childhood cancer along the way!!!  Love you Austin!!

Austin came home tonight. Compassionate Hospice will take over his care at home.  Not sure how much time he has left, the family was told a few weeks to a few months.  Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers!

I apologize, I updated this Sunday from my phone but apparently it did not save.

Saturday evening Austin began having a major seizure.  He was transported via 911 to CMC in Toms River.  From there he was airlifted to CHOP.  All bloodwork and CAT scan came back normal.  However, he had a MRI on Monday which showed that treatment is not working and his cancer is too aggressive.  The Drs feel treatment is only buying him time at this point.  His family is planning on bringing him home, making him comfortable and helping him enjoy what time he has left. 

PLEASE keep Austin and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers.  They could use all the support they can get!

Thoughts and prayers are with you all!! -April Kneiblher, PECEC

keep fighting austin...... be strong buddy

Austin has returned to CHOP for a day trip...He will be doing a chemo treatment and needs platelets.

Austin has been busy living his life, going in the pool, went to his 1st Phillies game, The Zoo, rides on the quad, and many other things.  Austin still has a long road a head, but is able to enjoy doing fun things! 

 Another day of chemo yesterday completed...Austin did great. He needed a blood transfusion though so he ended up being there a lot longer than he wanted to. But he's home hanging out with his family!

If all goes well tonight and in the morning, Austin will be released!  He did really well with this round of chemo, only getting sick the first night.  He's making progress!!

Austin returned to CHOP on July 24 for his next round of chemo.  He should only be there for a few days!

Austin goes for kidney function testing tomorrow morning, then hearing test in the afternoon.  Then Tuesday checks back in for another round of chemo.  He's had a good couple of days. He got to play on his new John Deere tractor that he got through a "wish" program at CHOP.  He was full of smiles-I posted a pic!! 

Official MRI results-chemo is working!  Another round to start next Wednesday.  Keep those positive thoughts and prayers coming, they're working!

Austin's finally home!  Feeling a little better, still has the NG tube.  MRI today and preliminary results look promising...looks like the cancer is finally shrinking a little!  GREAT NEWS!!

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T-shirts and a lil extra
Pot Holders
Oaklyn Bettlewood AM LGN Post 84
Michelle Lowe11/13/2012$500.00
Jamie and Olivia
sarah burke11/11/2012$50.00We love you all Burke Family!! Best of luck in the Lemon Run!! Boo Boo is forever in our hearts!!
Chris, Athena, and Kids
11/10/2012$100.00We love you and miss so MUCH Austin!!!!!!!! To the moon and back!!!!
B. Munn
Lauren P. Munn11/10/2012$50.00
Dan Cleary
Ward WARD Munn11/10/2012$10.00
Pop's Farm Market
Suzanne Healey11/10/2012$109.74
11/09/2012$1200.00We love you to the moon and back BooBoo! You were our best 4 years!!!
Aunt Mary & Uncle Jimmy
Sarah Burke11/09/2012$50.00All our love & prayers for you, Sarah, Chad, Zach. RIP Austin. Fly with the angels. ♥
Deborah Hospital Family
Kenneth Willitts11/09/2012$120.00I Loving Memory Of Austin Burke. From The Deborah Hospital Family: Rachel Gant Nichole Cornelius Shenita King Tracy Kish Donna Emmons Renate Rickard Shirley Schmidt Sue Campano Sharon Wenzel Carol Earley Michelle Ingling Millie Rosero
A.M. Silver
Mary Sandman11/09/2012$15.00
Sarah Burke11/09/2012$20.00
The Colwell Family
Sarah Burke11/05/2012$100.00
Mary Sandman11/02/2012$20.00
Jamie Drayton11/01/2012$10.00
Kathleen Carruolo and Family
Sarah Burke11/01/2012$25.00
Kenneth Willitts11/01/2012$25.00In Loving Memory of Austin, from the Willitts' Family
Cranberry Festival
Sarah Burke10/22/2012$1685.00This money is what we raised at our Lemonade Stand at the Cranberry Festival this past weekend. With donations and selling baked goods! It was a great success!!!
T-Shirt Sales
Wendy Danter10/20/2012$225.00
Brian Scott
Michael Lowe10/12/2012$50.00
Fundraiser 4 Austins Avengers
10/09/2012$6220.00On October 7th there was a fundraiser to raise money for Austin's Avengers. We were able to raise over $6,000 to go to ALSF in Austin's name. He will foever live on in our hearts!!! We love and miss you to the moon and back Austin Jose Burke!!!!
Millennium Elite
10/09/2012$415.00Doug Burgess of Millennium Elite has been VERY kind in making Austin's Avengers T-shirts for us! His work is perfect and we HIGHLY recommend him! Millennium Elite 4 Linda Lane Suite D Vincentown, NJ 08088 609-859-8499
Marilyn King
Heather Sutton10/07/2012$25.00In honor of Nathan
Kt Carney
Kenneth Willitts9/27/2012$25.00
April Bell
Wendy Danter9/26/2012$40.00
Beth Linett
Lauren P. Munn9/26/2012$20.00
Judy Arenge
Wendy Danter9/25/2012$25.00
Francisco Olaya
Wendy Danter9/25/2012$25.00
Katelyn Orr
Lauren P. Munn9/24/2012$15.00
Robin Martin
9/21/2012$30.00No child or their families should ever have to go through what Austin went through. He was a tough little boy and although I only met him once or twice, he made a difference. May God bless him and his family.
Rudy Barich
Lauren Munn
Werner Carrieri
Michelle Lowe9/11/2012$20.00
Mystery Writers Ltd
Michelle Lowe9/08/2012$20.00
Ami and Isa
9/05/2012$20.00Be in peace, your fight shall not be in vein...
The Szrams
8/27/2012$50.00Praying for you and your close ones...
Michael Jackson
Chad Burke8/27/2012$10.00
Nick O'Hara
Jamie Drayton8/25/2012$30.00
Cheryl Wright, LGS Team
Chad Burke8/24/2012$400.00May the caring extended by our team and support of 'Austin's Avengers' in honor of Austin lend a small degree of comfort to you and to your family.
Phyllis Elsen & Family
Chad Burke8/24/2012$350.00In memory of Austin. Our thoughts and prayers our with you and your family.
Ashley Artfitch
Suzanne Healey8/24/2012$50.00
Ryan & Lexi Holmes
Chad Burke8/24/2012$50.00
Tim Walters
Sarah Burke8/24/2012$25.00
The Sienkiewicz Family
Chad Burke8/24/2012$150.00You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Julie de Angelis
Suzanne Healey8/23/2012$50.00Rest in peace Austin. Prayers for the Burke family and friends.
Christina Tindall8/23/2012$156.00
Sue Scott
8/23/2012$30.00My prayers go out to all families effected by this horrible disease. Stay strong!!
The Keels Family
Chad Burke8/17/2012$25.00Prayers are with you all !!!!!!
Liz Cleveland
Suzanne Healey8/16/2012$25.00
April Kneiblher, PECEC
8/15/2012$25.00Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!! Stay strong and cherish moments!!
Gene Kotowski
Sarah Burke8/03/2012$25.00Keep Fighting Little Avenger! Stay Strong Sara!! You, Austin and the rest of the family are in my prayers always!!!
Michelle Lowe8/02/2012$25.00
Athena Baker
7/27/2012$50.00I know none of you know me, but this story touched from the moment I heard it. Michelle Lowe told me the story a couple of months ago and I was touched to hear how brave this little boy is. My thoughts go out to the Burke family.
Emily, James and Aaron Doggett
Chad Burke7/26/2012$30.00The Doggett kids sold some of their personal belongings to raise money for Austin!
Gabby Vasquez
Abby Lowe7/23/2012$5.00Gabby gave Abby her allowance to put towards our team!
With love for Lauren Juliano
Michelle Lowe7/23/2012$25.00
Nancy Ebner
Jamie Drayton7/23/2012$100.00
Upperhand/Station Bar & Grill
Suzanne Healey7/22/2012$320.00Thank you to Upperhand and the Station Bar and Grill in Cranbury for holding a fundraiser for Austin's Avengers! They raised $320 in a just a few hours!!
Jason and Lauren
7/20/2012$200.00Stay strong little guy!
John Vincent
Andrew Maniscalco
Michelle Neubauer
Michelle Lowe7/18/2012$25.00
Linda Wright
Michael Lowe7/17/2012$20.00My thoughts & Prayers are with Austin.
Elmer and Gale
Wendy Danter7/16/2012$100.00God Bless you sweet boy and your wonderful family.
Sandy & Jimmy
Jamie Drayton7/16/2012$25.00Austin- keep positive & have a speedy recovery! :-) You are a brave boy!
Ashley Parker
7/16/2012$25.00Keep fighting little man!!! Prayers are with you and your family!!!
Mason Bush
Katie Lowe7/15/2012$15.00
Abby Lowe7/15/2012$15.00
Faber and Sheena and diesel
Chad Burke7/13/2012$100.00Stay strong we are thinking of you, keeping you in our hearts and prayers
The DiPietro Family
7/12/2012$100.00Austin, stay strong buddy. You can do this! My family is rooting for you!!!! We send all of our strength, prayers, and support to you and your parents. Best wishes :)
Wendy Danter
The Bennett Family
Michelle Lowe7/12/2012$25.00Stay strong Burke's we are thinking of you!!!!
Granpa Tim & Lu Ann
Abby Lowe7/12/2012$50.00
Grandpa Tim & Lu Ann
Katie Lowe7/12/2012$50.00
Karen DeRosa
Suzanne Healey7/09/2012$25.00
Mike Orchard
Amy Everett7/06/2012$100.00
7/05/2012$100.00Where there is breath there is life; and where there is life there is hope. Never give up hope. I have a brain tumor, myself, and I never give up hope...hope that there will be a cure for all cancer or tumors, and hope for a better tomorrow for all those
Loretta Luck
Michelle Lowe7/04/2012$50.00Hang in there. Lots of prayers headed your way from Oklahoma.
Jamie Bennett
Michelle Lowe7/04/2012$30.00
LCR Winnings
Jamie Drayton7/03/2012$25.00Love you Austin
Chris Burke
Sarah Burke7/03/2012$20.00Love you Austin
Robert Smith
Amy Everett7/03/2012$50.00
Michelle Lowe
Michelle Lowe
Abby Nicole Burke7/02/2012$100.00I love you brother! You're the toughest little dude I know, hang in there!
Rich Everett
Amy Everett7/02/2012$20.00
Katie Lowe
Michelle Lowe7/02/2012$10.00Love you Boo
Michelle Lowe7/01/2012$10.00
Stephaney LaRowe
Amy Everett6/29/2012$50.00
Debbie Dimitris
Jamie Drayton6/29/2012$25.00My father was taken by is a very nasty disease and this is a wonderful thing you are doing Jamie!
Elizabeth Eckardt
Jamie Drayton6/29/2012$25.00Sending positive and healing thoughts to Austin, and hopes that he and his family will find the strength to get through this. May the care and love of family and friends be a support and encouragement!
Kathy Breisacher
Jamie Drayton6/29/2012$25.00All the best to Austin!!
Good luck Jamie!
Jamie Drayton6/29/2012$25.00
Andrea Camiolo
Michelle Lowe6/29/2012$25.00

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