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Childhood Cancer Heroes

A message from Jay and Liz Scott, Alex's Parents:

Alexandra Scott

Many of you think of Alex as a hero ~ the sweet and courageous lemonade girl who inspired others to help children with cancer. Although she did not get the chance to live a long life, she showed us what it means to live a full life. Her bravery, strength, and love of life continue to inspire us every day. She is indeed our hero!

Since Alex was diagnosed in 1997, over 2 million more children worldwide have suffered because of cancer. These kids all have hopes and dreams of long lives. They have parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and cousins who cherish them. They all inspire those who know them with their bravery, strength, and love of life. They are all heroes.

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Our Heroes!

Austin Baxter Austin is a very loving 2 year old who likes to play with his cars and swim. He loves being outside and playing with his big brother.  When he was only 3 months old, his parents noticed something wrong with his eyes, but his doctor said he would grow out of it. At Austin’s one-year checkup the doctor became concerned and referred Austin to an eye doctor who immediately saw a tumor and... more
Kathryn Forsyth Kathryn is a very active and friendly girl. She was born with Down Syndrome, but does not let that (or much of anything) stop her from doing her best in everything she tries to do. She loves to dance, sing, play sports, watch movies, color and go to school. Kathryn plays baseball and soccer in special needs leagues and can never wait for the next game! She and her big sister, Elisabeth, who is 12... more
Dee White Dee is 14 and enjoys watching football and playing basketball - his favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is also a great big brother to four siblings. Dee was first diagnosed with leukemia at the age of seven. He had been sick on and off since he was five, but doctors assured his mother he was ok. He then lost the ability to walk and was given a diagnosis which turned out to be incorrect... more
Kaden Bell Kaden is a very smart, kind-hearted 5-year-old who loves baseball, music and reading. Most of all he enjoys just being a normal kid, and he has the chance to do that now that his treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma is over and he is in remission. Kaden and his family are focused on living each day to the fullest, laughing together and enjoying the hilariously funny things Kaden says.   Kaden... more
Reese Osmond Reese is an energetic, happy kid who just turned 3. She loves glitter and sparkly “stuff”, and when she’s dancing in her tutu and pretending to be a ballerina, she’s pretty sparkly herself! One of her favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz, which she could watch all day long. She also loves being outside and playing on the swings.Reese’s parents took her to the ER in... more
Benjamin Gillman Ben and his identical twin Joseph are a rambunctious and fun 5-year-old duo. Like many little boys, Ben loves dogs, being outside in nature, riding four wheelers and playing in the dirt and mud. He and his twin, along with little sister Lyndsey, keep their mom constantly on her toes.Ben was a very active 3-year-old. One day Ben and his brother were playing on a crib mattress when Ben fell down... more
Andrew (AJ) D’Ambrosia AJ is a sweet and smiley little boy. He hasn’t yet celebrated his first birthday but he’s already been through more than many people go through in a lifetime. He has been an amazing little boy throughout it all. AJ was born six weeks early by emergency c-section and spent his first weeks in the NICU. When he was just three weeks old, he had a bone marrow biopsy and was diagnosed... more
Jordan DuPriest Jordan DuPriest was a straight-A student, full of life with a passion for saving endangered species (mainly sea turtles). In 2011, at the age of 10, she was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma, the third-most common brain cancer and a type that is fast-growing and tricky to treat. She maintained her good grades and positive spirit despite enduring two surgeries, four courses of intensive... more
Ava Buhr Ava Buhr is a kind, helpful and “smiley” 5-year-old, but she also is a childhood cancer hero. A few years ago, Ava was a typical 2 ½ year old, with an abundance of energy and giggles, when she became very ill and had a fever for 4 days. Her doctors ran blood tests that came back abnormal and Ava was sent to a hematologist who performed a bone marrow aspiration. That same... more
Walker Brooks Even before reaching his first birthday, Walker had been diagnosed with cancer, endured multiple chemotherapy cycles, healed from a huge tumor removal surgery and beat cancer. His mom says, “While I wouldn’t wish this journey upon any parent, who else can say that?...Walker has had a HUGE impact on our lives and I couldn't imagine life without him. He is my hero.” As a... more


All hero stories featured on the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation website represent the first-hand accounts of families whose children have battled cancer. The content of these stories, including any religious references, does not necessarily represent the beliefs of the foundation or its employees. All content has been screened for grammar, but otherwise remain in the words of the author.

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