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Childhood Cancer Heroes

A message from Jay and Liz Scott, Alex's Parents:

Alexandra Scott

Many of you think of Alex as a hero ~ the sweet and courageous lemonade girl who inspired others to help children with cancer. Although she did not get the chance to live a long life, she showed us what it means to live a full life. Her bravery, strength, and love of life continue to inspire us every day. She is indeed our hero!

Since Alex was diagnosed in 1997, over 2 million more children worldwide have suffered because of cancer. These kids all have hopes and dreams of long lives. They have parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and cousins who cherish them. They all inspire those who know them with their bravery, strength, and love of life. They are all heroes.

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Our Heroes!

Josh Delgado Easygoing, appreciative, and mature, Josh has shown strength and courage in battling cancer twice. He is now 14 and has been diagnosed for a second time with leukemia. Josh’s first round of cancer was diagnosed in 2007 when he was 7. He had been unusually tired, with achy joints and a droopy left eye. His doctor had thought Josh had some kind of virus and an eye infection, but Josh... more
Kendall Jackson Kendall was a fun-loving, energetic child with a great smile and the cutest dimples! He loved to play games and joke around. He loved music, and he and his twin brother Zachary would crack up for hours making up silly songs. He loved to dress up in all sorts of weird costumes, and would combine themes to make his own characters, like "BatFrog" or "NinjaCowboy." He also loved... more
Eli Kwait In 2011, our son, Eli, an otherwise healthy 4-year-old, told us that his lower back hurt. When his pain didn't go away, we took him to the pediatrician, who recommended tests at the local hospital. Before long, we found ourselves in an ambulance headed to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).After many tests and scans that night, Eli was admitted. The next morning, the doctors... more
Helana Agi Helana was a kind, sweet, gentle person who excelled in school and was very creative. Born in 1979, she was diagnosed as a baby with an ASD (a hole in one of the atria of her heart) and was seen regularly at CHOP. Just before her fifth birthday, she developed what seemed like a stubborn virus, which was ultimately diagnosed as cancer - Stage III neuroblastoma. Helana was given a chemo and... more
Connor Crooks Connor is two and a half and loves being with his twin sister Claire, being outside, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, cars and trucks. Connor and his twin were micropreemies and were monitored closely. At one of Connor’s follow-up checks, someone noticed that his head was tilted. He was referred to a physical therapist, who noticed that he had trouble with balance. After a visit to a neurologist and an... more
Isabella Petrino Isabella (aka Bella) was born on Feb. 17, 2010 with Bladder Exstrophy.  We knew she was going to be born with her bladder on the outside of her body.  After Bella was born she came home for one month before her surgery to put her bladder inside of her body.  She spent three weeks in traction at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) recovering from her surgery.  We... more
Ashton Carley-Trent Ashton is a feisty 5-year-old boy who is full of life, despite having endured a great deal of grief and pain in his young life. Ashton's father passed away a few years ago and he struggled with that grief. His family planted a tree in his father's honor and before Ashton got sick, he would visit that tree when he was mad, sad or scared.   Ashton had been sick for a couple of... more
Luca Paciente Luca is 7, adores his family and loves swimming, animals and video games. He is a riot and loves to laugh and make other people laugh. He takes palpable joy in being alive and takes pictures of everything as if he is documenting life. That he is alive and able to do so is nothing short of a miracle. Luca was 15 months old when he was diagnosed with ependymoblastoma, a very rare, incredibly... more
Cassie Jordan Cassie is an energetic 2 year old who loves trains, planes, animals and babies. Because of a family history of a genetically-linked form of retinoblastoma – her father and grandfather had it – her family was aware of the possibility that Cassie might inherit the disease. Photos of Cassie taken around her first birthday showed her pupils as pale and whitish, like cats’ eyes. This... more
Samantha Hill Samantha is a happy 9 year old who loves to read and play soccer.  She dreams of becoming a pediatric oncologist one day to help kids like her who have been diagnosed with cancer. As a baby, Samantha was constantly throwing up. Her parents took her to the doctor over and over looking for answers and were told she had severe acid reflex. When she was 6 months old, a lump appeared on her... more


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