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Childhood Cancer Heroes

A message from Jay and Liz Scott, Alex's Parents:

Alexandra Scott

Many of you think of Alex as a hero ~ the sweet and courageous lemonade girl who inspired others to help children with cancer. Although she did not get the chance to live a long life, she showed us what it means to live a full life. Her bravery, strength, and love of life continue to inspire us every day. She is indeed our hero!

Since Alex was diagnosed in 1997, over 2 million more children worldwide have suffered because of cancer. These kids all have hopes and dreams of long lives. They have parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and cousins who cherish them. They all inspire those who know them with their bravery, strength, and love of life. They are all heroes.

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Our Heroes!

Madeline Hull Madeline is a bubbly, outgoing, caring 9-year-old who is smart and fierce. Madeline likes the Disney Channel, playing volleyball, singing and Girl Scouts. When it comes to food, she’s pro-Peeps and anti-broccoli.  On the morning of April 30, 2013, Madeline experienced a Grand Mal seizure at home. A CT at the local hospital showed a mass. She was then transported to Children's... more
Morgan Schwehm Morgan was incredibly shy during her first two years of life, so shy that she could not leave her mother’s side without tears. Shortly after turning 2, Morgan was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. One positive that came out of this incredibly devastating experience is that Morgan's absolutely amazing personality emerged. She is happy, she is incredibly funny, she loves to... more
Isaac Schaefer Isaac just recently celebrated his first birthday and is as happy as can be. He is a little boy who is always smiling and laughing. His mother, Candise, says his name means "he laughs," which suits him perfectly. He loves cars, food and exploring. He also enjoys music and his family thinks he will be a future drummer! When Isaac was about a month old his family was out to breakfast,... more
Owen Micciche Owen is a sweet 8 month old baby boy. He loves people and is always ready to greet people with a huge smile, even from a hospital bed. He loves his older sisters and laughs when they dance for him. He loves to snuggle! His favorite thing to do is to scoot around the house in his walker and jump in his activity bouncer.Owen was 6 months old when his mommy and daddy noticed that his head was... more
Zachary Nichols Zachary has always been kind to anyone he meets! Zachary, 19, likes playing video games, being with his brother and friends and going to movies.  In 2013, Zachary was having headaches and was diagnosed with PNET, a type of tumor. He went through radiation, chemo and surgery, finishing his treatment in October 2014. In January, Zachary had three seizures. Doctors found that his tumor had... more
Karah Casas Karah has an awesome personality – she is very spontaneous, sassy, caring and fun. She loves animals, especially horses, and wants to be a vet someday. She's a Girl Scout, a swimmer and a huge reader. She loves chocolate, but doesn’t like it when people ask how she is doing just because of her cancer. She knows they’re trying to be nice, but being singled out for sympathy... more
Libby Serber Libby is a lover of life, with more energy than one could imagine. She loves to sing, dance and act more than anything. She is smart, kind and a hard worker.    Libby had a 99 degree fever with no other symptoms for 3 weeks before a complete blood count detected a low red blood cell count. Originally, the doctors thought she had a spleen disorder. When they ordered a sonogram to... more
Leah Anderson Leah was diagnosed with a brain tumor after her parents discovered one day that one of her eyelids appeared "droopy." Soon afterwards her pupil also became enlarged. They went to the pediatrician that Monday morning and then were sent to an eye doctor. The eye doctor recommended an MRI and within 48 hours Leah and her parents were in an ambulance to the local children's hospital,... more
Amber Barnard Amber is a girly girl through and through.  She has been through so much at such a young age but still has a positive attitude and is inspiring to everyone she meets.    When she was 9, Amber felt unwell. She was treated for urinary tract infections, but her symptoms did not go away. Finally, Amber’s mother took her to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with Stage... more
Kristian Young Kristian is sweet, kind, considerate, affectionate and strong. He likes Skylanders, Lego video games, baking and wants to be a food critic or chef when he grows up. He likes watching football and playing videogames with his dad. Also, he is unstoppable in Candyland. On October 11, 2014, Kristian's family's world turned upside down. Doctors told them that 5 year Kristian had a large... more


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