P.J.'s 3rd Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand - 2/21/11

In Honor Of:  Kate McRae

P.J.'s 3rd Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand - 2/21/11

P.J. Bartos was inspired at the young age of 3 to do something to help kids sick with cancer.  On President's Day 2009, at the age of 5, and with the help of friends, P.J. hosted his first Alex's Lemonade Stand on his driveway in Peoria.  His 2009 Stand was followed by a successful encore in 2010.  He has raised nearly $3,000 in just his first two years, but his goal remains to raise $50,000 before he graduates from high school.

Now, at the age of 7, with half of first grade under his belt, P.J. again sets his sights on another successful Stand.  Through local media outlets here in Arizona and with the help of the staff at ALSF, P.J. has garnered some neat attention.  In fact, this year P.J. was invited to host his stand at the Trilogy Golf Club in Vistancia - just down the street from his house.  This gesture by the club will do even more to raise awareness - not just for P.J.'s Stand - but for the cause P.J.'s chosen to help: The Fight Against Childhood Cancer.

P.J. has once again decided to enlist the help of his friends, his parents, his parents' friends, and anyone else who can stop by either in person or online to support this year's Stand.  Barely old enough to count to $200.00, P.J. has insisted that he will start this year's donations by making one of his own.  He will contribute half of his bank account to support his own Stand because, as he has said, "the kids with cancer need the money more than I do."  Even though he's a great saver, this handsome gift falls extremely short of his fundraising goal.  So please help P.J. do this great thing for such an important cause.

Your online donations are tax-deductible.  If you will join P.J. at Trilogy on President's Day, remember that the club is located on the left side of Vistancia Boulevard just past El Mirage Road (take Happy Valley Road for 5 miles from Lake Pleasant Road ... Happy Valley turns into Vistancia Blvd. Phone: 623-328-5100).


Please note: Mailed donations may not appear on fundraising pages for up to 4 weeks.
Curtis Brist6/07/2011$40.00
Gerald and Kathy Eager3/04/2011$25.00
Roberta and Jerrold Keimach3/04/2011$25.00
Stephen and Donna Kislow3/04/2011$25.00
Susan and Joel Brosse3/04/2011$25.00
Partnership by Design Inc.3/04/2011$50.00
P.J. Bartos3/04/2011$737.00
The Grepling family2/26/2011$20.00
Sarah Bartos2/23/2011$10.00
Jeffrey Dempsey2/22/2011$5.00