Tips for Kick-It Games

Simple Ways to Fundraise

  • Promote your event through your Kick-It webpage to sign-up players
  • Customize your player page with a photo and personalized message
  • Ask for a suggested donation amount from all players
  • Download, print and distribute event materials (flyers, sample letters, sign-up forms, etc.)
  • Email your family and friends and ask for donations by copying your event page URL into an email blast
  • Linking your player page to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will increase donations by an average of 40%
  • Ask for the MATCH! Ask your donors if their companies provide matching gifts

Kick-It Up a Notch

  • Hold a pep rally to kick off or end your campaign
  • Set up a table in your cafeteria or lobby to sign up players for your game
  • Invite the local media to cover your story

Offer Incentives for Top Fundraisers on Game Day

  • Four outs per inning throughout the tournament
  • Extra “up” at the end of each game
  • Extra life in an elimination tournament
  • Special recognition during the tournament

Other Events to Raise Additional Funds

  • Hold a profit-share night at a local restaurant. A percentage of sales on a specific date can be donated to your game or tournament.
  • Set out donation jars at football tailgates, basketball games and other sporting events.
  • Hold a lemonade stand before or at your game or tournament!