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We thrilled to announce that Aversa PR & are sponsoring 275 miles!

Aversa PR is a Philadelphia and South Jersey public relations company that offers communications services that are tailored to your needs, fit in your budget and achieve your goals. Many of us have enjoyed working with Aversa PR's founder, Kory, and their clients over the years. is Kory's blog that keeps you up to date on all the fun happening in and around the city of brotherly love.

Our team was inspired by two local childhood cancer heroes, Lily & Maggie.

Lily was diagnosed with a brain tumor called ependymoma when she was 14 months old. Lily endured five brain surgeries and a month-long hospital stay at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Brain surgery left Lily unable to sit, crawl or walk. But now, Lily who is 7, is cancer-free. Lily can walk and she can dance and jump and rock it on the soccer field! Lily can run! Lily will be running along with our team as we work to reach our goal of 1,000 miles and $10,000 for a cure for all kids with cancer!

Maggie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastomic leukemia (B-ALL) just a few months ago in May at 2 years old. All of her life, Maggie has been a whirlwind of giggles and red curls. And even though cancer and aggressive chemotherapy has temporarily stolen those lovely curls, they did not steal her tenacious spirit. Maggie and her parents fought this disease with everything they had. Finally, on July 5, Maggie was declared cancer-free! However, she will continue to receive a variety of treatments and testing to ensure that she stays healthy. As she works on regaining her physical strength, we will walk and run for Maggie!

Everyday 720 kids are diagnosed with childhood cancer-- and everyday families begin the fight of their life. Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under age 15. Research is consistently underfunded--but with your support, we can make a difference!