Team Captain: Peter F.

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The Brunje Family donated


One thing we can be assured of is His faithfulness! Thank you Jesus! ❤️ Much love to your family!

Great job, Abigail's Athletes! You are in the top ten categories for dollars raised. Keep up the great work! Your ALSF Event Coach, Heather

James Thomson donated


Cheryl Hollister donated


We all miss Abigail, Good Luck with the fundraiser.

Abigail's Athletes 5k Run & Walk donated


Total cash donations received on September 16th at our Abigail's Athletes 5k run and walk event!

All week long, VOLVO is generously matching online donations to any Alex’s Million Mile team. This makes it a great week to ask for donations whenever possible.

Thank you everyone! We raised over $3000 for Childhood Cancer Research on Saturday!

Start of the 5k / Walk

Lots of support from our local Fire Departments.

Kids Run at our Abigail's Athletes Event on 9/16