Team Lemon

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Team Captain: Laura S.

YourCause LLC - PepsiCo Foundation donated


Michelle Lebowitz donated


From the Lebowitz and Weissman family’s in honor of Lynn Kahan’s 70th birthday

Lebowitz/Weissman Family donated


In honor of Katelyn, Daniel Weissman and the 70th Birthday of our cousin Lynn Kahan. So proud of you, Laura!

Ben, Katelyn & Brooke donated


We are proud of you. Have a great run!

Jess Domenick donated


Thank goodness for the last minute!!! If it weren’t for that - I’d never get anything done!!! Good luck!!! Run like the wind!!!!

Kathleen Lohse donated


Good luck in the run!! Keep kicking butt, Katelyn!

Melenie Magnotta donated


Rudolf family donated


Good luck out there.

The Olivo’s donated


For Miss Katelyn!