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Money from Christmas Bazaar.

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say thanks to all those that brought in items and helped work our table at the Christmas Bazaar! We raised $34. I also wanted to say that from here on out I will only be communicating about meetings and fundraisers to the people that are members on this page, so if you know someone who wants to participate in future meetings, make sure they create an account with this page. Thank you all for the work you've done during the first semester. Happy holidays!

Hi everyone!

So tomorrow we have the annual Christmas Bazaar, and ALSF will be selling the Lemon Peppermint sticks for 50 cents in Kateri. If anyone wants to bring in either lemons or peppermint sticks, it would be greatly appreciated, and if you signed up to bring something in or work the table during lunch, please don't forget! See you all tomorrow!

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Bake sale from 11/13

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Hi everyone!

So we won't be having a meeting this week and there won't be one next week because of Thanksgiving break but I just wanted to thank everyone who helped make our first fundraiser a success! We raised a total of $63.25 from selling lemonade and the baked goods you all made for this sale. After we come back from break I really want to hit the ground running and have more fundraisers, so make sure you're checking this website and your emails and coming to as many meetings as you can!


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