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Luca and Tyler made a donation

Happy Birthday Alex ! Thank you thank you for all what you have done to help other children. Rest in Peace

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A neuroblastoma mom

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Ryan Carpenter made a donation

Thank you for all this organization has done and is doing for children and their family are in need! I admire Alex and her strength to help other.I wish I was there at her first lemonade to let her know she is making a difference.

The Hodrinsky Family made a donation

Alex's story is truly inspirational. Please accept our donation with the hope that our collective monies and prayers can help find a cure for childhood cancer.

Elizabeth HelmFrazier ARMYWalker50545764 made a donation

I have completed 29 Cancer Walks. I will keep walking for Alex, Johnie-My brother, my cousins Carla and Patsy, and my Army buddy Dee until cancer is CURE. Keep fighting, Keep donating, Keep searching for the CURE.

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John and Kaky Mullen made a donation

A birthday tribute for Alex with love from the Mullen family.