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The Tuttle Family made a donation

We join the Scott family in honoring Alex's very first Lemonade Stand at their Connecticut home--20 years ago today--and recall the joy with which she welcomed us among her new neighbors at her first Stand in Penn Wynne! ~Lisa, Alan, Adam, & Jeremy Tuttle

Donna Capone made a donation

Alex is the first of too many to inspire me to try and raise funds for these beautiful children. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Charles and Kathleen Babich made a donation

We thank you for all that you do!

The Schaul Family made a donation

Grateful for Alex and the Scotts. Hopeful about the milestones ahead for ALSF and research teams.

Kathy made a donation

In memory of Alex's mighty spirit and to honor CJ who chose Alex as his hero for our first grade hero study this year. So impressive!

General Floor made a donation

EV made a donation

The Butler Family made a donation

In memory of Alex and with thanks for what she and her family have done for other children.

Khan Family made a donation

Love seeing the memories of lemonade days. And look forward to making more in the future.

Fran made a donation

In memory of Alex with thanks for her spirit.