Organizer: Kevin C.

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Curlie and Maury donated


We love you and ALSF !!

Anonymous donated


Way to go Lemons on the Loose! Thanks for all your hard work.

-Selina at ALSF

The Sentianin Family donated


Because you made a difference in the lives of Megan, Emily and Paige Sentianin!

Cheryl Lovato and Family donated


Rest in Peace Mrs Rush. We know you will continue to teach, guide and mentor from heaven as you so lovingly did on this earth. You touched and changed so many of our children's lives. God gave you a gift and you used it well. We will be forever grateful.

The De La Torre Family donated


Jean was sunshine. She was a wonderful woman and a fabulous educator. Thank you Jean for being a part of our children's life experience, not just for third grade but forever. Love Walt and Lauren

The Creadick’s donated


Our family is deeply saddened by the loss of Jean. She was a source of joy, inspiration and laughter as she charged through life with the most positive attitude imaginable. Our thoughts and prayers of peace are with your family and Jean. ❤️The Creadicks

The Beattie Bunch donated


Anonymous donated


Kimi donated


Love you Jeannie!