Organizer: Alexis W.

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you to all of you who have helped me reach my goal, and then some! I am so happy that we have all contributed to the fight! Now wish me luck.....LET'S GO!!!!!

My Tampa Agent donated


We love you and are proud of you for taking on this challenge Alexis! Try not to fall in a ditch!

Ursula hat craft is done! Watch out - here come the villains!!! LOL

Thank you all SO much for helping me with this final push! You all ROCK!!!!

Erin donated


Have fun!!!

Aimee Kennedy donated


You got this girl!

Bob BERGER donated


Only 2 more weeks to go!!!! I have done some timed run/walks with my "team"!!!! I am getting excited, and starting to make my costume as well!!!! Yes this is a Disney Princess 10K...but we have decided to be the villains!!!! Totally typical for me! Ursula is gonna make her way across that finish line - I bet my tentacles on it!

Anna Maria donated


Have a great race Alexis!

Meghan and Avery Areson donated


Proud of you for doing this - something good for you and great for those who you are supporting! XO