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Organizer: Kevin R.

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LylatR donated


Thanks to all who were a part of this!

OutrageousJosh donated


very fast :)

CMM1215 donated


My final donation. Let's get $2000!!

Blakesterr donated


Eriamis donated


I dont know what to put here so here, so keep it up?

mobius donated


glad torp is able to represent the rac boys here! hope this helps the cause

WanderingMindSR donated


Been lurking but just wanted to donate to a good cause. Glad I could catch as much as I could despite only tuning in tonight.

Rakanai donated


1800! Let's GO!

KrunchyLex donated


Money's tight, but the kids need it more than I need lunch at Chipotle tomorrow.

SmilingSatyr donated


Cmm brought me here, so shoutouts to him.