Organizer: Carla T.

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Catherine Kern donated


A little bit more from the Tastefully Simple fundraiser!

Holy Redeemer Athletic Committee donated


Holy Redeemer School Class of 2019 and friends and families of the HR community donated


Ava's former classmates organized and contributed to a lemonade stand at one of the HR community's "mainstay" fall events, Friday night flag football games. True to the HR spirit, the whole community came out to support! Thank you to all that contributed!

Thank you to everyone! This page will stay open for the rest of the year!

Anonymous donated


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Volvo donated


Presenting Sponsor Volvo matched your online donations made from 9/26 - 9/29

Cabin Branch Neighbors & Beautycounter Pop-Up donated


We had many neighbors give cash donations and place orders. This entire neighborhood loves Ava and wants to show we are here for her and the whole family!

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Catherine Kern donated


True thanks go to all of Grace’s co-workers and friends for purchasing items during our Tastefully Simple fundraiser. I am honored to be able to make this donation!