Organizer: Stephanie N.

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Congratulations on hosting a lemonade stand to support ALSF! You did an amazing job and helped fund over 5 hours of pediatric cancer research. That is absolutely awesome! Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication!

We Reached


We Reached


The Nowak Family and the Northfield Elementary students and Friends donated


Thank you to everyone who stopped by to donate. We have been beyond impressed with this organization and can't thank you enough for donating and helping Luke with his community service project. God Bless

Giovanni & Rocco donated


What a great cause! Sorry we couldn’t make it to your stand. We hope all went well!

The Hoon Family donated


Good luck Luke! I love that you’re doing this to help others!

We Reached


Auntie Kim donated


Yanoks donated


Good luck with your community service project!

Channells donated