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Lexington Christian Academy Football Regular Season and Playoffs

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April Thompson donated


I am so proud of you Andrew, love you!!!!

anonymous donated


Mark and Jennifer Dobbs donated


So proud of your fundraiser and your high school career. The best 4 years of kicking I have ever seen in high school football. Way to go! #44

Brasauskas Family donated


Congrats on a tremendous season Andrew! We are so proud of you and all that you accomplished. Can’t wait to see where you kick next!!

The Conrad Family donated


Very Cool. Love what you are doing here. Sound like you are an outstanding young man. You should proud of yourself. Since I have a rooting interest for Beechwood, thought I’d donate both of today’s kickers total PATs thus far this season. Good Luck!

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Mark donated


One more game. Kick them long and through the posts. WIN STATE! Beat Beechwood!

Mark donated


2 more games. Kick em long and through the posts. Continue to be the best!

Mark donated


Keep the faith. Leave no doubt. Kickem long and through the posts.

Bowes Family donated


Good job Andrew Dobbs!