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GC Falcons Football Season

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Well...that is a wrap to the season. Althought I didn't achieve my goal of 60 points this year, I did contribute 54 points to which was largely Extra Points (45), which means I had nine (9) points from Field Goals, as we only attempted 4 FG's over the course of our season. All in all, I am pleased with my performance and we achieved our ultimate goal as team, winning the WCAC and finishing in the Top25 in the country.

I look forward to increasing my goal for my Senior year and helping bring awareness to pediatric cancer. Go Falcons!

Through 7 weeks, GC has posted a 6-1 record and 6 consecutive wins, including two bigs wins against our WCAC rivals St. John's and DeMatha. I am still charging towards my goal of 60 points but so far we are kicking all PAT's.

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Kick it good!

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Go Drew!

After 5 games I have scored 22 points, 19 PATs and 1 FG, towards my goal of 60. My team is 4-1 and we about ready to kickoff the 2nd of of our season and our conference play.

Let's go GC!!!