Team Captain: Ryan W.

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It's still an amazing outcome!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys did a Great Job! Bringing awareness to this cause will make a difference!

Congratulations in surpassing your goal - a tremendous effort. See you tomorrow at The Linc.
Aunt Nanc & The Boys

Congratulations on your achievement - amazing! See you tomorrow at The Linc.
Aunt Nanc & The Boys

I think we are going to reach our goal!


Yes, it sure looks like you can. Sorry, we're no competition this year. You're amazing!
Aunt Nanc & The Boys

Good luck anyway!!

Thanks! Good luck Aunt Nanc!

"No competition this year" is what Aunt Nanc & The Boys said a month ago. Now, it's a horserace once again!!

Did someone misread my comment? What I was saying by "no competition" was there's no way we're catching up to you or getting anywhere close this year. But hey, there's always Year 3, don't you think? See you at The Linc.
Aunt Nanc & The Boys

Well, we didn't reach our goal, but, we put in a lot of effort!