Organizer: Malinda Ann H.

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Many thanks to Victoria, Erica, Natalie, Walter, Leah, Anne, Domani & Tai Fung for your generous donations! So incredibly grateful for your support!

Marcie Miller donated


Thanks to Des, winner of the 2018 Boston Marathon, for taking the time to talk with Malinda, winner of the 2016 Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon.

@nuordrman donated


You 2 are good peeps! Music brings many together :-) // #NewOrder

Victoria Ordin donated


Thanks, Malinda for your courage and spirit !

Erica Malgieri donated


Natalie Krovetz donated




I bet you $100 it wouldn’t rain. ;)

Anne & Domani Deak donated


So excited for you, Malinda, and thankful for all you do to raise money for cancer research!