Organizer: Careen L.

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Perry people you never fail to amaze us! Despite the fact that "PerryFest" was just a car show, we were still able to raise $623.58 in just 6 hours... our best year ever! A special thank you to the 20 awesome kids and their amazing parents who helped make it all happen!

The kids ROCKED Lemmy this year! Each team took 1-hour shifts, seeing who could get the most honks. Bryce and Anna won with 112!

New for 2021... a Candy Buffet! Take a cup, Fill it up, Give a buck. The kids loved it!

Someone went a little overboard on the baked goods for 2021

Helga is ready for her first lemonade stand!

A sneak peek inside the 2021 mystery boxes!

Mystery bags & boxes for the kiddos 2021

Perry Michigan Community donated


Marcy Mattison joined the team!

Pediatric cancer doesn’t stop for COVID and neither do we!