Organizer: Elena T.

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Raina donated


I love your heart for charity!!

Torres Family Summer 2020 donated


Thanks everyone for your support! This is the amount we raised in cash selling lemonade this summer.

Anonymous donated


Chiles Fam donated


Go Elena! We love that you do this and love your giving spirit!

Rand fam donated


We love your passion for helping others and the lessons you are learning about teamwork and running a business. And the lemonade is 10 stars!

Torres Family donated


This is the rest of the profits from lomandensales for 2919 summer. Thanks for everyone's support.

We Reached


We Reached


Grandma & Papa Gattian donated


We are so very very proud of you Elena. Your sweet heart and all of that hard work cleaning and squeezing lemons is just amazing! Great job keeping Alex’s dream for the cure alive! Love you so much!

Emily Chiles donated


Happy Birthday, Elena!