Team Captain: Dharshini W.

Fundraiser Details


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March 26th - Great day! Wonderful weather!! Great turn out! Thank you to everyone who volunteered at our garage sale, to those who donated items and to all who came and shopped! Total raised.....$1500!

We have had a busy 4 months raising awareness of childhood cancer and money for ALSF.

July 4th - Alex's lemonade stand at the San Gabriel park Sertoma celebration. Sold a lot of lemonade and made a lot of money!

September: National Childhood cancer awareness month

 - Change for Childhood cancer in my mom's neighborhood. Collected $1156, all counted by kids.

-Carver Elementary had a "queen sour puss" event collecting change, followed by a lemonade stand. Mrs Colangelo (Ishani's second grade teacher) and Mrs Bottlinger (Principal) were crowned as the winners. Total $269 raised.

Yankee candle fundraiser in progress. Lemonade stands and Silent Auction yet to come.

June 18th and 19th from noon-5 pm - City Light's Theater in Georgetown have invited us to have a lemonade stand at the opening of Toy Story 3. They will be providing us with freshly squeezed lemonade with the proceeds going to ALSF. Thank you Russell Cook (manager) for giving us the opportunity to raise awareness of childhood cancer and raise money for ALSF.

My kids and some kids in my mom's neighborhood (Known as the Lemon Drops) will be hosting a garage sale (kid's items), selling plants, framed photos and of course lemonade!

Come and support the kid's helping other kids!

Red Poppy Festival, Georgetown, April 24-25, 2010

It was a great day - warm and sunny. The parade went off well and we won the Grand Poppy Award for the best entry!! We sold a lot of lemonade and created a lot of awareness. We made $1500 this weekend on lemonade and also had our quilt raffle that brought in $710!
We were greatful for the sunny weekend that helped with ...our lemonad sales!
Thank you to ALL of you helped in so many ways - a special thank you to my mom and Michael for their extra hard work with the amazing float (if you want to know how we made the cup let me know!), Tim for giving us his truck and trailer and driving us and helping with the last minute decorations, Kim for helping with the float, the lemonade stand and her family for helping with the not so nice work of transporting stuff to and from the event, Diane for keeping me sane by taking care of the lemonade stand while I was trying to be at 3 places at once and doing such a good job of it, Valaree for setting up the information booth, Angela for letting me use her office as we kept running out of water and also for keeping my kids home for the night and all of you joined us on our float, helped with selling lemonade (we had many families with kids helping which was great) and to all those of you who supported us by being there to watch the parade and cheer us on or stopped by to buy lemonade. We could not have done it without you all. Thank you!!
The first photo in this album is why we do what we honor of our 2 Rhabdo warriors Ishani and Madalyn and all our childhood cancer heroes..... hoping for a day when every child is given a chance at a cure.

Quilt Raffle - April 25, 2010

We raised $711.00 from the quilt raffle, donated to us by Cathy, Michael's sister for the ALSF. And the winner was..... Schola Kabugi!! Congratulations!!

Miss Georgetown Pageant

Thank you to the Miss Georgetown Pageant for recognizing and supporting Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and yesterday's beauty pageant. They raised $1000 for the ALSF!!! Thank you for honoring Ishani and all kids fighting cancer.

"Change" for Childhood Cancer

Thank you to all those who participated in our "change" for childhood cancer fundraiser. WE had 10 kids help us count the coins today and the grand total was $650!! The kids were so excited!

What a way to start of the New Year. Looking forward to many more fundraisers this year and hoping that we can increase awareness of childhood cancer.

Georgetown Village Halloween Festival

On October 31st we hosted a Alex's Lemonade stand at the Village Halloween festival. My mom and her friend Amelia set up the stand and served lemonade, while educating people about childhood cancer. It was a nice sunny day and there were lots of people who came by our stand. The stand made $127 in donations. We made new friends and made many aware of childhood cancer and the lack of research and funding. The highlight was seeing my mom dressed as a lemon! Thanks to my mom and Amelia for all their hard work.