Doc Bresler's Cavity Busters

Doc Bresler's Cavity Busters

Become a DOC BRESLER’S CAVITY BUSTERS and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) supporter! You can be part of a national fundraising movement to fight childhood cancer, one cup at a time, and raise money for childhood cancer research IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD! Follow these simple steps to register your lemonade stand and make it a success. Call us with any questions at (866) 333-1213, or email Erica Stein at [email protected].


Let’s do this!
Choose your location, date and time, and register your Alex’s Lemonade Stand event. We encourage children to participate every step of the way, they will just need an adult to help them register with us. You can choose to have an event kit mailed to you and you’ll get a personal event coach to help answer your questions.  We’re here to help!

Spread the word

Let everyone know what you're doing.
When you register your event, you’ll also be creating your very own page on our website for your event. You can share your page with friends on social media or in emails.  It's a great way to invite people to participate or even receive donations from people who may not be able participate but still want to contribute.  Put up flyers and contact local radio, newspapers and TV stations to get the word out. Be sure to check out our downloads!

Hold Your Stand

The big day is here — have fun!
We suggest that instead of putting a set donation amount, simply ask for contributions of any amount. Be sure to let your supporters know that you can accept checks (payable to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation), cash, and mobile donations to your event page.

Consider adding creative ways to inspire people to give safely and virtually, such as shout outs on your social media, sending them an I.O.U. for lemonade or doing a delivery of lemonade to them.  Be creative — the sky is the limit!


That was fun, now what?
After your event, send in your donations. You'll receive a return envelope in your event kit.

Don't forget to include your event ID number. If you can't find this number, your event coach can help you out. We’ll update your personal fundraising page with your donation total. Please allow up to one month for mailed donations to show up on your page.


We take your donation and use it to help fund childhood cancer research.
Researchers fill out grant applications that our expert scientific advisory board reviews and scores. The research projects with the best scores get funded. Check out a full list of our funded projects.

You did it! Thank your supporters and be proud! You have made a difference for children with cancer by helping fund lifesaving research.

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