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Our People

“If everyone has lemonade stands, I think we can do it.” –Alex Scott, who went on to raise $1 million when she was just 8 years old

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s (ALSF) work is made possible by the inspiring support of our people – our staff, board of directors, scientific advisory board, childhood cancer families, donors, partnerships and other generous supporters. Together, we are fighting for a cure for childhood cancer!


Our Staff

Our Team

Led by Alex’s parents, Liz and Jay Scott, our staff manages the day-to-day operations of ALSF.

ALSF Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

Meet the team that ensures we fund the best projects possible and guides us to cures for childhood cancer.

Board of Directors
& Advisory Council

Our Board of Directors and Advisory Council are dedicated to advising the Foundation and keeping us true to Alex’s vision. 


Business Partners

Companies Curing Childhood Cancer

From the beginning, our community of generous business partners has supported our mission both financially and by raising awareness to their customers.

ALSF Lemonade Stand Hosts

Lemonade Stand Hosts

Thousands of people around the world host stands each year! Find a stand and learn more about how you can help.

ALSF Hero Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

Every family affected by childhood cancer has a story to tell. Our Ambassadors work to raise awareness and funds for ALSF.

Celebrity Ambassadors

Celebrity Ambassadors

Our celebrity ambassadors are not only talented — they are generous with their time and their voice! 

Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity Chef Supporters

Our celebrity chef supporters have cooked, shared recipes, hosted lemonade stands, organized culinary events and lent their incredible talents to our fight to cure childhood cancer.

ALSF Charity Partners

ALSF Charity Collaborators

ALSF is proud to partner with other charities to co-fund projects, making a larger impact in the fight against childhood cancer.

Want to join our team?

Find out more about open staff positions and volunteer opportunities.