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Interview with Alex

Alexandra Scott

Here’s what Alex had to say about herself in 2004...

Full name
Alexandra Flynn Scott

January 18, 1996

About me
I'm Alex. I'm 8 years old. I have neuroblastoma, and I raise money for pediatric cancer research with the help of other kids and grown-ups through my lemonade stand. I give the money I raise to research to find cures for pediatric cancers.

Who do I live with? 
My parents, my brother Patrick, my brother Eddie, my brother Joey, my dog Shammy, and my cute kitten Herbert.

Where do I live?
I live in Pennsylvania, right down the street from Philadelphia.

Favorite colors
Blue and purple

Favorite animal

School year
Second grade

Favorite part of school

Favorite food
French fries

Favorite sport

Favorite books
Junie B. Jones Series and The Little House on the Prairie books

Favorite movie
Scooby Doo

Favorite TV show
Pokemon and American Idol

What I want to be when I grow up
Fashion designer

Favorite activity
Making stuff and designing clothes

Place I most want to visit