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Childhood Cancer Heroes

A message from Jay and Liz Scott, Alex's Parents:

Many of you think of Alex as a hero ~ the sweet and courageous lemonade girl who inspired others to help children with cancer. Although she did not get the chance to live a long life, she showed us what it means to live a full life. Her bravery, strength, and love of life continue to inspire us every day. She is indeed our hero!

Since Alex was diagnosed in 1997, over 2 million more children worldwide have suffered because of cancer. These kids all have hopes and dreams of long lives. They have parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, and cousins who cherish them. They all inspire those who know them with their bravery, strength, and love of life. They are all heroes.

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Siblings of childhood cancer heroes face their own challenges with incredible perseverance. Read more about these inspiring SuperSibs.

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Alexandra Scott
Featured Hero
Lakelynn was just 3 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. A rare, inoperable sarcoma was wrapped around the nerves that controlled her arm. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy were not safe treatment options for Lakelynn.
Featured Hero
Sara was the kind of kid who lit up a room when she walked in. She had the biggest smile and an even bigger heart. Sadly, Sara passed away due to a complication with her treatment during her fight with germinoma, but she left bright memories behind.
Featured Hero
It may be safe to say that Jonathon's heroism in his battle against cancer takes after his love for the Avengers. After a few "crying spells" Jonathon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and he's been fighting courageously ever since.

Meet Our Heroes!


Aiden is a very outgoing and gregarious person with a big personality who always goes out of his way to make sure others are taken care of. At 14 years old, Aiden was running a concerning fever his parents feared was COVID-19.
Quinn had been playing soccer and flag football just days before he was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia. The day after, he began chemotherapy. Today, Quinn is in the maintenance phase of his treatment protocol and is a hero to his family.
Four-year-old Shelby is a free spirit with a huge imagination. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Despite all Shelby has gone through, she pushes through like a boss and smiles even on days when she doesn’t feel good.
When Joby was around 3-and-a-half months old, her parents noticed her right eye seemed to be half closed all the time. She was soon diagnosed with Horner’s syndrome, and then on New Year's Eve, a CT scan revealed she had stage 2a neuroblastoma.
Matilda is a sweet 5-year-old who never asked "Why me?" when she was diagnosed with stage 2 Wilms tumor. After a rollercoaster of treatment, Matilda is now in remission and continues to be her positive self!
Born a mere 11 months and 28 days apart, Hope and CJ are two siblings who are incredibly close in more than just age. They've both supported each other through their individual experiences with cancer.
Samantha has dreams of one day playing a part in the show Hamilton, and participating in gymnastics in the Olympics. She's never let the fact that she has one eye get in the way of achieving her goals thus far; retinoblastoma is only one part of her past.
Scarlett is a genuinely happy baby who gives everyone a smile. At her checkups, pediatricians agreed that her liver felt odd. Many tests confirmed that Scarlett had stage IV neuroblastoma. Today, she is undergoing chemotherapy on a clinical trial.
Ethan was a strong, joyful kid with a smile that lit up any room. Despite multiple relapses and years of treatment, he never let his fight with anaplastic ependymoma bring him down. Sadly, Ethan passed away in December 2020.
At 14 years old, Brady was a kind-hearted big brother, always taking the opportunity to be a role model very seriously.
Nora may be a shy little 6-year-old, but she is fierce!
John Robert was born with a heart of gold and the ability to make anyone smile or laugh.
Much like his hero, Spider-Man, Jovahni has spent many days fighting off bad guys, but his enemy comes in the form of cancer.
Abby is an incredibly strong and brave 9-year-old who, despite battling cancer, often smiles and tells her mom about how she loves her life.
Charlotte is a spirited, cheerful, fearless and strong-willed 3-year-old.
Even in the face of adversary, Nathan always displayed courage, grace, kindness and humor. His alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma diagnosis at 17 years old nearly blinded him and kept him homebound, but Nathan remained positive and resilient.