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Honor and Memorial Gifts at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Honor someone in your life or memorialize someone who has passed away by giving hope to kids fighting cancer today.

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Honor and Memorial Gifts at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Honor someone in your life or memorialize someone who has passed away by giving hope to kids fighting cancer today.

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Send an Honor/Memorial Card

When you donate in honor or in memory of someone special, we will send a handwritten card to the recipient of your choice. You have the option of adding your own personal message to be relayed as well.

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Memorial Card
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To send an honor or memorial card, please make sure to select you'd like notification be sent by mail at checkout and complete all address fields. Fill out your information as well so that we can send you notification of your honor/memorial gift. Alternatively, you have the option to send a simple email to the recipient of your choice, which will be sent out immediately after making your donation. Just make sure to select the email option when prompted.

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Create an Honor or Memorial Page

Honor and celebrate the story of those we love and remember

ALSF offers honor pages and memorial pages. Honor and memorial pages are a wonderful way to share stories and photographs about special people in our lives or memory, while also raising awareness and funds for lifesaving childhood cancer research.

Learn about honor pages

Learn about memorial pages

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Are you collecting donations on behalf of your loved one?

In lieu of flowers, request donations to fight childhood cancer in honor of your loved one.

Notifying us that you are collecting donations to benefit ALSF in honor of your loved one's life will help us appropriately acknowledge your thoughtful request and steward those who give.

Print Notification Form

Online Notification Form

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Give by Mail

Please print the form for the donation you'd like to make. Then mail your completed form, along with your donation, to:

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
333 E. Lancaster Ave, #414
Wynnewood, PA 19096

We gladly accept any donation by mail. A form is not required, but it helps us acknowledge your gift properly.

Print Honor Donation Form
Print Memorial Donation Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified of any donations made in my loved one’s memory?

If the donor decides to send you a memorial card via mail or email, you will be notified. Alternatively, the donor can choose not to notify you of the donation they made.

What is an ALSF memorial page?

An ALSF memorial page is a webpage that captures the essence of your loved one and provides a place to share your cherished memories while also fundraising to fight childhood cancer. A memorial page can be built over time; you can share your initial feelings, then you can add stories, recollections and even photographs. Memorial pages provide a wonderful way to preserve memories for future generations of friends and family, remember favorite moments and let loved ones know about memorial services.

What is an ALSF honor page?

An ALSF honor page is a webpage dedicated to honoring someone in your life, whether it’s because they’re celebrating a birthday, they’ve reached a milestone, or simply because they’re amazing! You can upload photographs and share stories to the page and across email and your social media accounts. All ALSF honor pages remain online to allow people to visit at any time.

Who can be memorialized?

Anyone who has passed away can be memorialized. They do not have to be a childhood cancer hero.

How long does it take to create an honor/memorial page?

It takes less than five minutes to create the basics. After that, you can continue to add or edit content at your leisure. If you run into trouble along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to Megan Baker at [email protected] and she can offer helpful solutions.

How can others see the honor/memorial page?

Once an honor page has been created, friends and family can be invited to view the page and access it directly. Family and friends can use the search function to look up a loved one on

Can people donate through the honor/memorial page?

Yes! Family, friends and supporters can honor or remember your loved one by clicking the donate now button on the right-hand side of your honor/memorial page. If someone would like to donate by mail, encourage them to include the honor page ID number or the name of the page in the memo line of their check.

Who edits and updates an honor/memorial page?

When you create an honor page, you will enter your email address and choose a password to edit the page. Once in edit mode, photos and text can be added, edited or deleted. If you’d like an ALSF staff member to make changes for you, simply contact Megan Baker at [email protected] with requests and she will ensure those changes are made.

How long do honor/memorial pages stay online?

Honor and memorial pages stay live on for as long as you wish. We will never delete your page, but if you’d like to have it removed, we can remove your page upon request.

Have More Questions?

Contact Megan Baker at (866) 333-1213 or [email protected]