Lemonade Days

Alex's Lemonade

June 1-30, 2024

Take Your Stand for Kids with Cancer

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What is Lemonade Days?

“If everyone has lemonade stands, I think we can do it.” - Alex Scott, Founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) 

Every year in June our amazing supporters register to hold lemonade stands and events across the country to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer. This annual tradition began with our 8-year-old founder, Alex Scott. She had a goal of raising $1 million for “her doctors” to help kids like her fighting cancer. Her belief inspired others to take a stand for the cause to help her reach her goal before she passed away in 2004. Each year since, Lemonade Days continues to raise a million and much more!

In 2024, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Lemonade Days, we’re expanding this year’s event to all of June! That means more lemonade, more stands, and most importantly, more research to find safer treatments and cures for kids with cancer. Pick any day (or days) in June to participate and help make this year the biggest Lemonade Days yet. 

With your help, we can continue to change the lives of kids with cancer, one cup at a time. Anyone, anywhere can hold a lemonade stand — it is free to register and there is no minimum fundraising requirement. Register your Lemonade Days stand or event to help make a difference today!

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Alex started Lemonade Days hoping for a stand in every state. Help us continue her dream by holding your own lemonade stand!
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How to Host a Lemonade Days Stand or Event

Step 1

Sign up!

Pick a location and a date (or dates) between June 1 through June 30. Then register your stand at no cost. 

Step 2

Spread the word!

Share your Lemonade Days event with family and friends by email, social media and good old-fashioned word of mouth!

Step 3

Hold your lemonade stand!

Hold your lemonade stand! Have a great time and feel good about helping kids with cancer at your stand or event!

We Are Here to Help


As you prepare to host your Lemonade Days stand or event, we will share lots of tools and tips to help make hosting your event fun and successful! If you have questions, contact an event coach at [email protected]


Thanks for making a difference by literally taking a stand (a lemonade stand!) against childhood cancer. 

History of Lemonade Days

When she was 4 years old, Alexandra "Alex" Scott asked her parents if she could hold a lemonade stand. But Alex didn't want the money for herself. She wanted to give the money to "her doctors", who were treating her for neuroblastoma, so that they could help other kids with cancer too. Alex raised $2,000 at her first lemonade stand, and sparked a movement beyond what anyone could have imagined.

Over the next four years, Alex became known as the "little lemonade girl" and her story was told again and again. When she appeared on national television, she announced an ambitious goal of raising $1 million with her lemonade stand, and said, "If everyone has lemonade stands, I think we can do it." Supporters everywhere were inspired to hold their own stands on the same day as Alex in June of 2004, and Lemonade Days was born! With everyone's help,  Alex reached her goal before she passed away from her cancer at 8 years old.

Ever since, each year in June, supporters across the globe have continued what Alex started, holding lemonade stands and other fundraisers in their communities to raise money to support our mission of changing the lives of kids with cancer and their families. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the original Lemonade Days, and to celebrate we are expanding this event to all of June! You can join in the fun this summer too and host a stand to be a part of this ongoing movement that Alex began to help all kids with cancer. 

The funds from Lemonade Days have helped uncover breakthroughs in research, create safer treatments, give childhood cancer families the support they need, and more, year after year. Together, we keep Alex's belief alive – that a lemonade stand can cure childhood cancer.

To date, Lemonade Days has raised more than $20 million.

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