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Donate Your Car to Help Kids with Cancer!

Donate My Car to Fight Cancer

Donate your car to charity to support a cause that’s important to you and remove clutter from your yard or garage. At Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), your donation will fund research into treatments and cures for kids fighting cancer. Vehicles are eligible for a tax deduction.

How to Donate a Vehicle:

  1. Call 855-CAR-ALSF (855-227-2573) or complete the online form.
  2. Your vehicle will be picked up anywhere in the U.S., at no cost to you.
  3. We handle the rest! From selling your vehicle to providing a tax receipt.

Vehicle Donors Making a Difference for Kids with Cancer

“I heard about Alex’s Lemonade Stand shortly after my cousin lost her granddaughter to rhabdomyosarcoma. Alex’s story as well as so many others opened our eyes to how underfunded this disease is and how much needs to be done to support research. We were so delighted that Alex’s Lemonade Stand provided such an easy, accessible way for families like ours to give what we can.” - Mary

“The tow truck driver came from 50 miles away to pick up my car. I appreciated that. It was a car of my mother's, who can no longer drive. It was in beautiful shape, but I had three other cars and hoped someone could use it.” - Cheryl

“My experience was great. I called and within 48 hours the car was picked up from my driveway. It was so convenient and easy to make this donation, and I received my receipt for tax purposes promptly and updates on the auction of it afterwards. I would recommend and/or donate in the future if I have the opportunity.” – Andrea

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate my car to charity?

Alex’s Lemonade Stand is partnered with Charitable Adult Rides & Services (CARS) to handle the processing of our vehicle donations. The first step is to call their ALSF-dedicated call center at 855-227-2573 or complete the online form. They will help you with paperwork, pick up your vehicle, and provide a tax receipt. Once your vehicle has been picked up, it will be sold at an auction or used car dealership.

What kinds of vehicles can be donated?

We accept almost all vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, trailers, RVs, campers, off-road vehicles, planes, heavy equipment, and farm machinery. Interested in donating a vehicle that’s not listed here? Contact 855-227-2573 to see if your vehicle is eligible.

Can I donate my car if it doesn’t run?

Vehicles do NOT need to be running to be donated.

What is the tax benefit of donating a car?

Vehicle donations are tax-deductible. In most cases, donors will receive an initial receipt from the tow driver at the time of pick-up. Donors will also be mailed a letter on behalf of ALSF within 30 days of the sale of vehicle, which serves as your tax receipt. Donation forms must be completed by December 31 to count as a donation in the same tax year.

How much from the sale of the vehicle benefits Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation?

Up to 80% of the sales earned from each vehicle will directly benefit ALSF. 


For More Information

If you have questions or would like more information about vehicle donations at ALSF, please contact Lexi Gratton at (866) 333-1213 or [email protected].