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Lemonade Stands 101 - What Supplies Will I Need?

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lemonade stands 101 what supplies will i need
Hosting a lemonade stand is easy and simple — anyone can do it! People often ask "What supplies will I need?" Well, that's an easy question to answer! With a few simple supplies — most of which you might already have — you can be in the lemonade stand business! 
You can add all kinds of finishing touches and flourishes to your stand to personalize it and make it more fun and lucrative. Here's our Lemonade Stand 101 list of the supplies you need to get your lemonade stand up and running:

1. Cups 

Cups are important! You'll be giving them out to your customers, so it is most convenient to use disposable cups.

2. Lemonade (and a pitcher or container to hold it)

You can use the classic glass pitcher, but if you're expecting a crowd (or have a full day lemonade stand planned) a spouted cooler would also work well. You can make your own lemonade from scratch with lemons and sugar or use your favorite brand of lemonade. 

3. Table/Stand

If you're handy and have time, you could build a wooden lemonade stand (we have blueprints on our website)! You could also shop for one on Amazon or at another retailer. But, you can also keep it simple! A regular table, such as a folding card table, will serve the purpose. (And even with a stand, you might want an extra table at the ready!)

4. Signs and Decorations

When you register your Lemonade Stand with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, you can receive a stand kit in the mail with some fun signs to hang up! You can also visit our free downloads section to gather some more.

Crafty? Make your own signs with poster boards, markers and stickers. Hang signs and decorations at your stand, post flyers around your community and maybe even make some lawn signs to direct people to your stand! 

And of course, don't forget the tape, tacks, zip ties and staple gun for hanging your signs! 

5. Donation container

You'll need some kind of container for people to put their donations in. We find that in most situations it works best not to put a price on each cup of lemonade, but ask for donations instead. People will often give more than what you would charge per cup. With a little luck and hard work, you will collect lots of donations to send to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation to make a difference for kids with cancer.

Bonus:  If you're looking for social distance-friendly ideas, we have those too!

That's all there is to it! We hope you'll make hosting a stand and fighting childhood cancer part of your summer! Sign up to hold your stand or event during Lemonade Days this June (or any time of year) and you can help kids fight cancer! 


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Updated: April 2023

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