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Five Ways to Host a Lemonade Stand in 2022

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By: Trish Adkins

Hosting a lemonade stand on a hot summer day is a great way to beat the heat and help kids beat childhood cancer! This year, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s (ALSF) annual Lemonade Days is back! It is the perfect time to come together and help raise funds for childhood cancer research. Our founder Alex Scott's first-ever front yard lemonade stand was 22 years ago. While so much has changed, one thing hasn't: a lemonade stand is a sweet (and effective!) way to help kids with cancer. 

This year, you can join Lemonade Days by hosting a stand or fundraising event between June 4-12. Signing up is easy (and we’ll send you some great stuff to help you with your stand, too!). To register, just head here!  Once you have your event page, you can begin planning and sharing your stand. 

Looking for ideas? Here are five creative ways you can host a lemonade stand in 2022 and help kids with cancer:

1.    Host a Front Yard Lemonade Stand
Keep it simple and authentic with a front yard lemonade stand! Set up a table, decorate with some lemon-themed table clothes, make some signs and of course, make some lemonade. You can even set up multiple stands in your front yard with different themes! Maybe one has lemonade, another has sweet treats and a third has some activities for your guests, like our printable word search

2.    Get Creative with Lemonade Distribution
You can serve walk-up customers and drive-up customers with ease by getting creative with your lemonade distribution! Tie or tape individual servings of lemonade powder to small bottles of water for customers on the go! Fill pitchers with different lemonade recipes like pink lemonade, strawberry lemonade, mint lemonade and traditional lemonade! Check out our five best lemonade recipes for inspiration! Or keep it similar and feel a pitcher or beverage dispenser with traditional lemonade (just don't forget the ice!). 

3.    Turn Your Stand into a Parade
Who doesn’t love a parade? Ask your supporters to drive by in cars decorated in a lemonade theme. Maybe plan a lemonade car decorating contest and reward the winner with some swag from Alex’s Shop!

4.    Decorate with Lemons, Everywhere! 
Turn up the lemon-theme at your stand by decorating! Use real lemons, homemade lemon pictures, fake lemons and some of our fun decorating downloads, available here.

5.    Offer Virtual Cups
Engage your friends and family, near and far by offering Virtual Cups of lemonade! Just share your fundraising page to collect online donations. Be sure to thank them (which we know you know!)

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