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The 5 Best Lemonade Recipes for National Lemonade Day

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SuperSibs Nicholas and Chloe made a batch of their favorite Mint Lemonade. 

By: Trish Adkins

Celebrated on August 20 every year, National Lemonade Day is the perfect day to celebrate the beautiful fusion between tart lemon juice and the sweetness of sugar, served icy cold on a hot August day. 

Around Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) we celebrate Lemonade Day every day! Our supporters are the experts on how to make lemons into lemonade (figuratively and literally). 

ALSF founder Alex Scott held the original Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help kids with cancer feel better. Now supporters all around the world do the same and help ALSF fund research for safer treatments and cures for childhood cancer. Alex taught the world that when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade!  

In honor of this glorious day, here are the five best lemonade recipes for National Lemonade Day, straight from the lemonade experts:

1.    Mint Lemonade by SuperSibs Chloe and Nicholas Adkins

Growing up with a big sister who is a brain tumor survivor can bring a lot of ups and downs to siblings Chloe and Nicholas. It is hard to worry about her and hard to understand cancer. But the one thing they do understand is how much fun it is to make lemonade! Their recipe is simple: four cups water, the juice from four lemons, ¾ cups of sugar, a handful of mint and lots ice. Muddle the mint with sugar and then mix it all together! 

2.    Strawberry Lemonade from Childhood Cancer Hero Matteo and Hero Mom Kim

Kim is no stranger to making lemonade treats for lemonade stands! The night before her son was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer, Kim was prepping for a lemonade stand. Matteo was just 6 months old at diagnosis; now he is a healthy, vibrant cancer-free 4-year-old! Kim and Matteo shared their recipe for Strawberry Lemonade, here

3.    Lemonade Creamsicles by the Roo Crew

In 2019, the Stafford family lost their 3-year-old daughter and sister Mikaila (fondly nicknamed Roo) to a rare brain cancer. The family—which includes seven siblings—pulled together and formed "Roo’s Crew" to fundraise for ALSF.  

The siblings made homemade lemonade creamsicles. The recipe: ½ cup whole milk + one lemon + one 14 oz. can of condensed milk. Mix together and freeze (just add some smiles!)

4.    Blackberry Lemonade (for Adults)

Neil Loomis, the wine and beverage director of the Fine Dining Restaurant Group in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, shared this grown-up spin on lemonade! Loomis and the Fine Dining Restaurant Group helped put together the Alex’s Table: Jackson Hole event earlier this summer. His Blackberry Lemonade recipe is the perfect cocktail for National Lemonade Day

5.    Classic Lemonade

Sometimes the basic recipes are the best! This recipe for classic lemonade is truly the OG of sweet and icy cold! 

Want more lemonade inspired recipes? Check out our cookbook, “Alex’s Table.” The book features over 55 recipes from world-renowned chefs, influential mixologists, celebrities, hero families and supporters. This collection of recipes is meant to be shared at the table with family and friends as Alex has invited us all to her table to fight childhood cancer. 100% of the proceeds goes towards our mission of fighting childhood cancer, one recipe at a time!