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Welcome to The Lemonade Days inspiration page!
June 3 - 11, 2023


Welcome to The Lemonade Days inspiration page!
June 3 - 11, 2023

A Message From Liz Scott, Alex's Mom

Alex and Liz

Thank you for taking your stand against childhood cancer during Lemonade Days this June! This annual tradition was born from my daughter, Alex, whose belief that a lemonade stand could cure childhood cancer inspired others to unite in the cause. We still believe that today and continue the legacy of her lemonade stand. Now you are part of the movement, making a difference and funding cures, one cup at a time. 

On this page you’ll find resources, stories and more to inspire you for your Lemonade Days event.

Alex's Story

The little lemonade girl who started it all.

Cups to Cures

Learn how each cup of lemonade you sell can lead to cures in this short video with Dr. Jeffrey Huo.

Amplify Your Stand

Hear from childhood cancer hero Karina on how to hold a lemonade stand that’s outSTANDing, then check out some of our favorite resources to help you make a big impact!

Featured Resource: 
Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Featured Resource: 
Find a Cure Poster

Hero Poster

Don’t forget to use the Alex’s Shop discount code 2023EVENTHOST to receive a 25% discount on ALSF items.

Your ALSF coach can also provide a letter of support recognizing you as an official fundraiser. Use this letter to ask other businesses for donations (i.e. to bring to your local grocery store to see if they will donate lemonade, yellow cups, tablecloths etc).

Meet Our Lemonade Leaders!

Get inspired by the work your fellow supporters are doing. Click below to view lemonade stands making a difference alongside you in 2023! Keep checking back as more Lemonade Leaders will be added each week.

Thank you for joining us in the fight against childhood cancer.

Alex with Lemonade

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