Virtual Fundraisers

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With a virtual fundraiser, you can bring together friends and family virtually to make a difference for children with cancer.

Already have an ALSF lemonade stand/event planned but want to make it virtual instead? Looking for a way to make a difference from the comfort of your home? Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or graduation? These are all great reasons why you might want to hold an online fundraiser.

Here's how it works. When you register your event, you'll receive a page that you can personalize with photos and information about why you are fundraising for cures for kids with cancer. (Already have an event registered? Then you are halfway there!)

It's easy to spread the word to your family and friends by sharing your page on social media and email. Your friends can donate online directly to your event through your page, just like they would in person.    

How to host a virtual lemonade stand:

  1. Share your lemonade stand page on social media and email your friends and family asking them to donate. (Our hosts who email and share on social media raise on average $400 more than those who do not.)
  2. Ask your friends to enjoy a lemonade (or beverage of their choice) in honor of kids with cancer on the day of your virtual stand--you could even set a specific time to all lift your glasses together. 

Virtual fundraiser ideas:

When you’re trying to put together a virtual event, the only limit is your imagination. If you’re looking for some ideas to get you started, we’ve got you covered:

  • Twitch Fundraiser – Are you an online gamer? Make your hobby your fundraiser. Choose your game and invite viewers to donate during your stream. Learn more. 
  • Show us your Lemon Face – Post a video on social media of yourself biting a lemon and tag Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Challenge at least three people to do the same. Donate for each of your nominees who completes the challenge and ask them to nominate new participants.
  • Virtual Watch Party – Using a free service like Kast or Netflix Party, invite friends and family to watch a movie from wherever they are. The highest donation can pick the flick!
  • Virtual Skill Share – What are your talents? Offer friends a live cooking tutorial, editing services, and more for a donation.
  • Social Bingo Boards – Looking for a simple Facebook or Instagram fundraiser? Our Bingo boards are the thing for you. Share the board to your story, collect donations, and tag your donors online. Download Bingo Board 1 and Download Bingo Board 2.

How to collect your virtual donations:
If you are hosting a virtual event, you can set up your fundraising page online. Supporters can donate directly to your page, or to you via cash apps like Venmo. You can share your page via email or social media and watch the donations pour in!

Here are some tips for holding a virtual event:

  1. Invite friends and family to donate to your event page by emailing and sharing on social media. Ask them to use the donation note to send along a message of encouragement or inspiration. Their donation and message will show up on your event page if they would like it to. 
  2. Ask everyone to enjoy a cup of lemonade (or their beverage of choice) on the day of your "event." You could even suggest everyone do it at the same time!
  3. Encourage them to share photos on social media with the hashtag #onecupatatime and ask them to tag you and @alexslemonade as well. Or they can send you photos to share on your event page so everyone can see them.
  4. Email and post to thank everyone for their support. That's also a good way to let folks who didn't yet donate that it is not too late to be a part of your cause.
  5. Feel good about helping us change the lives of kids with cancer. 

Use your page to:

  • Let everyone know why raising money for ALSF is important to you.
  • Post photos and messages.
  • Send emails to let your friends and family know that they can donate directly to your page.
  • Share updates to Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Help kids with cancer!

Some of our supporters have challenged their friends to give through virtual fundraisers. For example, you could say you will post a funny old photo of yourself if donations reach a certain level. 

Caveman Year: ALSF supporter Rob J. was inspired to hold a fundraiser to show his support for a friend's daughter battling cancer and decided to give up shaving.  Rob started his campaign on New Year's Day 2015 and didn't shave or cut his hair for a whole year to raise awareness for pediatric cancer research. Rob raised over $10,000! See his fundraising page here. 

Every dollar you raise brings us one dollar closer to finding a cure for all children with cancer!

Fundraisers with Recent Donations

Fundraising Page NameLocationAmount
Danielle & Margot’s FundraiserRiver Forest, IL$207,613
Hamburg Area School District 2022Hamburg, PA$306
Globe LifeVALLEY VIEW, TX$37,900
Alex's in AprilNashville, TN$17,006
Honering Children of the world and the Children of the Ukraine with cancer.San Diego, CA$40
goPure ALSF FundraiserSimi Valley, CA$29,375
Dino & Lia's Lemon Juice Challenge for ALSFMonroe Township, NJ$2,475
C&P Committee Supports ALSSaint Louis, MO$3,489
Warriors Fight Cancer - Taunk Family Virtual Lemonade StandBelmont, CA$21,724
Brady's Childhood Cancer fundGreenwich, CT$1,175
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