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Alex's Lemonade Stand

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) is a unique childhood cancer charity — we stand out from the crowd!

We're changing childhood cancer, one research grant at a time. We are unique in our approach to funding grants, having donated millions of dollars to support life-saving childhood cancer research. With careful consideration and consultation from leading researchers across the country, we have developed our grant program to make the biggest impact possible. ALSF is also the only childhood cancer research organization that has been given the NCI peer-reviewed funder designation for rigorous selection of research grants. Our smart spending of your donations has translated into innovative breakthroughs, more access to new treatments, and a dramatic change in the landscape of pediatric cancer. All this leads to one very important change for children and their familie: hope for new and improved treatments!

We care about the quality of life for kids with cancer and their families: In addition to funding cutting-edge research and making new treatments available to children with cancer, we also fund grants, like our Psychosocial Grants which are designed to improve the quality of life and care as children battle cancer.

We help provide resources for families battling cancer now: Through the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Travel For Care program, we provide families with lodging and travel expenses up front, rather than requiring them to apply for reimbursement. ALSF also helps connect families with clinical trials that match their child's diagnosis and provide free treatment journals to help parents keep track of treatments. We also recognize the challenges faced by siblings with cancer and provide comfort and care through our SuperSibs program.
One simple idea, a world of change: Alex Scott took the “simple” idea of holding a lemonade stand and combined it with the cause of childhood cancer, unknowingly becoming the catalyst for something much larger than she had imagined.
Kids helping kids: The concept of “fighting childhood cancer, one cup at a time” has allowed people who would not usually participate in fundraising, especially children, to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer. Lemonade stands allow children to be a part of the change.
A simple but powerful lesson: We believe that every person can make a difference in the world. Alex's Lemonade Stands have been organized by a diverse group of devoted volunteers including inner city school children, senior centers, preschool-aged children, college students and co-workers working together for a great cause!
No donation is too small: ALSF has inspired people who would not likely donate to childhood cancer to make donations — no matter the amount.
Bringing communities together: Lemonade stands encourage charitable giving to communities and neighborhoods, making donating simple and rewarding for everyone. 

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