Childhood Cancer

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Solid and Bone Cancers

Solid cancers can occur in several places in the body including the bones, organs and muscles. Solid cancers or tumors do not contain any liquid or cysts. There are two major types of solid tumors: sarcomas and carcinomas. Neuroblastoma is also considered a solid cancer.

Latest Solid and Bone Cancers grants

Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, MD & Richard Gorlick, MD, Principal Investigator
University of California San Francisco
Crazy 8 Pilots, Awarded 2019
Javed Khan, MD, Principal Investigator
National Institutes of Health
Crazy 8 Pilots, Awarded 2019
Yael Mossé, MD & Julie Park, MD, Principal Investigator
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Crazy 8 Pilots, Awarded 2019

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