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Arielle Pagan

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

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 Arielle, age 4, is strong-minded and sassy. She loves to play outside, swim and cook in her pretend kitchen. It has been rough and now that she is older and more aware, even rougher. She is a sensitive and sweet girl. 
Arielle suffered from colds, vomiting and constant aches and pains for a year. This was attributed to it being her first year in daycare. She would always get better quickly. However, after suffering from a cold and cough that lasted more than two weeks, sending her to the pediatrician twice, chest X-rays, blood work, emergency rooms and lastly, being admitted to the hospital she was diagnosed with high risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 
She has endured 3 years of daily, weekly and monthly chemotherapy, countless labs and monthly, then tri-monthly, lumbar punctures. She has had breathing treatments, antibiotics, steroids, plus dozens of others meds. She’s had hospitalizations, sometimes for days or weeks and cannot go to school, plus she goes to physical therapy and wears leg braces.

Her mother Lucy hopes and prays Arielle does not relapse and that once the port is removed she will be able to get immunized, attend school and begin a “normal” life. Lucy wants others, who may have recently received a cancer diagnosis to know to take every day as it comes; don't apologize for making your fighter the priority. Have faith and hold on to your tribe and love them fiercely.

Arielle is a hero because she is amazingly strong. No one could endure the treatments that Arielle has undergone and still have the ability to smile and be happy.

Information provided by Lucy Pagan, Arielle’s mother
Updated November 2016

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