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Georgia Moon Anthony

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Georgia is the friendliest kid her mother knows. If you’re lucky enough to meet Georgia, prepare to be her new BFF! She’s incredibly loving and gives the best hugs. She also loves princesses and can’t wait to go to Disney. A ball of energy with a sunshine personality, Georgia brings a lot of joy to people wherever she goes. 

One Easter morning, Georgia’s mom, Gina, was changing Georgia’s diaper and noticed it was pink. She took Georgia straight to the ER. Within an hour, an ultrasound found a three-inch mass on Georgia’s kidney. She was then taken by ambulance to the nearest children’s hospital where she was diagnosed with stage 1 Wilms tumor.  

Georgia had the tumor and her entire right kidney removed. She is currently on a 19-week chemo plan.  

As Georgia persists through her treatment, she continuously shows her mom that she has so much strength. She was born at the beginning of the nationwide shutdown, and it was just Gina and Georgia navigating a whole new world. Georgia has gone through so much in her two short years, but you would never know. She has taken to this journey better than her mother could have expected. She’s a warrior and her hero.  

“Although this journey is scary, you will see so much good,” Gina said. “People will step up to help you every step of the way. People at the hospital will be kinder than you thought possible.” 

To Gina, the existence of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) really shows that a lot of people are in this fight for a cure, including kids. That’s why she donates to ALSF fundraisers when she can. It brings her hope. 

Gina hopes that her daughter lives a full and happy life that is cancer-free after all of this. That is her hope for all children – that the success rate of treatment reaches 100 percent.  

“Georgia is the strongest peach on the planet!” - Gina, Georgia’s mom 

Information provided by Gina A., Georgia’s mom 
Updated June, 2022 

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Childhood Cancer Heroes

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