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Hana Jurgens

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Hana is her family’s silly sweetheart who enjoys school and playing with her older brother, Aidan. She loves playing sports in the backyard with her sibling and continues to try and act like a kid even while she goes through treatment for her Wilms’ tumor.

The road to diagnosis first emerged last June, when Hana had severe pain on her right side. Her family prepared themselves for appendicitis, but instead the ultrasound showed tumors on each of her kidneys - Wilms’ tumor.

She started chemotherapy immediately to help preserve both kidneys, and after 12 weeks they performed surgery to remove the tumors and ensure her kidneys remained intact. She needed additional chemotherapy to ensure the cancer was eradicated though.

Her family’s hope is that she can have fun being a kid without suffering through pokes and pain. Hana is definitely a hero to her parents. She has endured so much that little children should not ever need to go through. She continues to be brave and strong, a fighter through all of this. The best advice they have for other families is to take this one step at a time like they have.

Hana’s father works for Northwestern Mutual and they just participated at a fundraising walk for the Foundation in Milwaukee, WI. They want to thank the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for phenomenal care and Northwestern Mutual along with Alex's Lemonade Stand for their commitment to find a cure to pediatric cancer.

Information provided by Carrie Jurgens, Hana’s mom

Updated September 2017

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