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Hannah Brandt

  • Ewing Sarcoma
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Hannah is a teenager with a bright disposition and effortless strength. At 16 years old, she makes fighting cancer look easy, even though she’s been doing it for the past year.

In December 2019, Hannah noticed something strange: a small bump had formed under her left eye. It felt hard enough to be a bone, and after monitoring it for a couple of weeks, she noticed it was growing bigger. Eventually, it became a source of pain, and Hannah’s doctor ordered an MRI. When that didn’t yield any results, she was sent to the Mayo Clinic, where they finally discovered what it was. That day, Hannah was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma.

A few days later, she started her treatment with chemotherapy. By May, it was time for her to undergo surgery to remove the tumor, but Hannah’s time in chemo wasn’t over – she still had eight rounds to go. Every two weeks, she continued to make trips to the hospital, alternating between two-day treatments and five-day stays. Her blood counts could vary, and sometimes her lab results require blood transfusions.

The recent pandemic added new challenges to an already difficult time for Hannah. The hospital where she sought treatment had strict rules due to COVID-19 that only allowed one visitor for an entire stay. Luckily, Hannah had her grandma to keep her company while her mom kept working. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation was able to assist their family with groceries and other necessities to make their lives a little easier during the pandemic.

In September, Hannah finished with chemo. In light of all the trials she faced, her family is amazed by how she carried herself through every step of the journey with an open heart and a positive attitude.

Information provided by Lisa, Hannah’s mom

Updated June 2021

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