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Lilly Ibbotson

  • Neuroblastoma

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Lilly is a two-year-old firecracker. She loves learning ABCs and counting. She is obsessed with colors and shapes too! Her favorite dinner is chicken. Lilly was diagnosed on March 27, 2016 with neuroblastoma when she went to emergency room for breathing difficulty. The x-ray showed a large mass in her chest and she was rushed to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for chemotherapy, surgeries and transfusions. 

The next day she went in for removal of the mass, but the doctors were unsuccessful because of its size and it was too close to her lungs and spine and wrapped around some other areas as well. The surgeon then did a bone and mass biopsy and placed a port in. Lilly was in a medically induced coma for two weeks. She was having respiratory distress. Lilly had four rounds of chemotherapy to date. Lilly was in and out of CHOP from March to July 2016 and had blood and platelet transfusions during chemotherapy. Chemotherapy ended in July. The mass is still too tricky to operate at this time but it has shrunk 60%. It is still MIBG active but being monitored every 3 months with scans. 

Lilly’s mother Nicole hopes for the future that Lilly's scans will say no evidence of disease.

Lilly is a tiny little girl who overcame and went through more trauma than most adults. She is a superhero!

Nicole wants others who may have recently received a cancer diagnosis to know it's very tough and the worst thing is you feel helpless, but your child needs you to be strong and they will be stronger. Smile! 

Quote from the family: “Lilly Strong. Fight like a kid!”

Information provided by Nicole Ibbotson, Lilly’s mother
Updated November 2016

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