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Sydney Wahlenmeier

  • Burkitt's Lymphoma

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Sydney was a 13 year old with a spunky personality. She loved her friends, surfing at the beach, indoor rock climbing, the color teal, palm trees and pineapples. She was a sweet girl who loved to help people too.

Sydney started having symptoms like the stomach flu and stomach aches that would come and go for a few weeks. After her third appointment, doctors finally diagnosed her with Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Her treatment consisted of six rounds of chemotherapy, with each session including five days of a 24-hour infusion through her port. Eventually, Sydney became well enough to stay at home, but she fell one night while getting out of bed and had to return to the hospital. Doctors discovered that several of her internal organs were infected, unbeknownst to them. Sydney passed away a few days later, surrounded by her family.

Sydney’s family hopes that one day researchers will find better treatments and cures for childhood cancer. Her family always thought of Sydney as their hero because she never wavered in her faith. She was always positive and helped other people even during treatment. She was beautiful inside and out.

They want others staring down this difficult road to know they should stay positive, but also learn about all available options. Enjoy every moment together even during this tough journey.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation symbolizes both support from other cancer families and working towards a cure. Each are important parts of Sydney’s family’s life, and they continue to help the Foundation’s goals with their local Applebee’s honoring Sydney several years in a row.

Hero Quote: “Be you” – Sydney

Information provided by Kristin Wahlenmeier, Sydney’s mom

Updated July 2018

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