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Olivia Calbazana

  • Medulloblastoma

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Olivia was a typical, happy, healthy 3-year-old little girl, but that all changed on November 28, 2008.  Olivia was coming down with the symptoms of what seemed to be a cold.  She was vomiting, listless and just a little clumsy. 

During what was supposed to be a quick trip to AI duPont Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware for IV fluids, things went from normal to serious.  That evening, Olivia was diagnosed with a brain tumor and admitted to the ICU.  The following day she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and needed a temporary shunt. 

On December 1, the tumor was removed, and shortly after, the family was given the diagnosis they had dreaded - medulloblastoma.  Due to the lack of research, they had to weigh their treatment options between the quality and quantity of life.  While her parents were trying to decide on a path, Olivia was suffering from posterior fossa syndrome. 

On December 22, Olivia started her first round of chemotherapy before the family moved to Boston for proton radiation at MassGeneral Hospital. Thus began what seemed to be endless rounds of radiation, physical therapy, and chemotherapy.

She completed her 10th round of chemotherapy in March 2010.  That same year, she went to Give Kids the World for her Make-A-Wish Trip.

On May 17th 2024, Olivia graduated from Red Lion Christian Academy.  She was recognized for being a member of the National Honors Society, a Girl Scout Silver Award recipient, awarded the Christian Character Award, and finished with straight A's.  This fall, she will be attending Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland!

She is a strong, healthy and brave young woman who continues to defy the odds while bringing awareness to childhood cancer.  

Information provided by the Calbazana Family
Updated: June 2024

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