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Crazy 8 Initiative Gives Hope To Children Fighting Cancer

The Crazy 8 Initiative is changing the way we treat childhood cancer. In the spirit of growing scientific collaboration, ALSF has launched the Crazy 8 Initiative to detail roadmaps toward cures for specific, hard-to-treat childhood cancers. In addition to its current grant opportunities, the Crazy 8 Initiative creates a new funding pillar for ALSF, allowing the Foundation to tackle explicit challenges in pediatric cancer research that require substantial support for collaborative teams. ALSF has committed $25 million to support the Crazy 8 Initiative. In 2022, that commitment was raised to $26 million.

The Crazy 8 Initiative will fund research into innovative and rigorous approaches that directly address the most intractable issues in pediatric cancer research today. Project teams of cross-disciplinary scientists work collaboratively, accelerating the pace of new cure discovery, and each grant will provide funding for large-scale collaborative projects in the $1-5 million range.

We will create a future free of childhood cancer.

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