We are halfway through the month of September and halfway through Alex’s Million Mile, the largest childhood cancer awareness challenge that funds researchers so they can find better treatments and more cures for kids battling cancer. Now is a great time to check in and see how your mile logging is going.

Maybe you are racing ahead to the finish line, ahead of your goal and ready to go farther than you planned. Or maybe you are lagging a little behind and need some ideas to catch up? No matter where you are on your journey, we have some great ways for you to help us reach 1 million miles.

Here are six ideas to reach your mileage goals and help Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) get one million miles closer to a cure for childhood cancer:

1. Assess the Goal (Mileage Potential: Limitless!)

Look back at your progress so far—are you ahead or behind? If you are ahead, think about upping your mileage goal and going even further. If you are behind, look at how many miles you’ve gone each day so far and figure out how many extra miles you will need to go to reach your goal. ALSF staff accountant Rob Schuster has some great tips for “budgeting” your miles and reaching your goal. Check those out here.

2. Toss Some Bike Rides in the Mix (Mileage Potential: 10-30 miles a ride)

Short on time? Take 30 minutes to jump into a spin class or go on a bike ride in your neighborhood. Bike riding is 6-8 times faster than walking or running, which means you can maximize your time and your miles on the bike! Need some cycling inspiration? Meet Arnav, childhood cancer hero and junior national cyclist.

3. Make Sure To Sync Your Fitness Apps (Mileage Potential: Limitless!)

Did you know you can sync several fitness apps at once? AMM participants can connect their FitBit, MapMyFitness and Strava apps. So whether you track your steps all day or when on a run or ride, it is easy to make sure all your miles count! Here’s how to easily connect the apps!

4. Walking and Talking (Mileage Potential: 1-5 miles/day)

There are so many hidden times during the day you can get in some bonus miles! Instead of a usual office check-in with your boss, ask for a walking meeting down the block. Walking your kids to the bus stop? Do a bonus lap on your way home. Watching your kids at soccer practice? Walk around the field while you watch. Have 30 minutes before dinner? Grab your spouse/neighbor/kids for a quick walk and talk to catch up on your day!

5. Motivate for Miles and Money! (Mileage Potential: 15 miles)

Challenge yourself by pledging to go an extra mile each day between now and the end of September! Announce your intention on social media and ask your friends to hold you accountable. Bonus: ask your supporters to sponsor you for $1 per extra mile you go each day and get closer to your fundraising goals as well. Need more fundraising ideas? Never fear, we’ve got you covered here.

6. Don’t do it all Alone! (Mileage Potential: Double! Triple! Quadruple!)

Double, triple or quadruple your team AMM mileage goal by asking your friends to join AMM. It is not too late and signing up takes just a few minutes! Ask your friends to help you go gold and help fund innovative childhood cancer research and raise awareness all month long. Head here for the quick and simple registration.

Want more great ideas for logging miles all month long? Look no further.

Alex's Million Mile