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Six Ways to Host a Lemonade Stand in 2021

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By: Trish Adkins

Hosting a lemonade stand on a hot summer day is a great way to beat the heat and help kids beat childhood cancer! This year, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s (ALSF) annual Lemonade Days is back! It is the perfect time to come together and help raise funds for childhood cancer research. 

This year, like last year, is a little different than our founder Alex Scott’s first-ever front yard lemonade stand in 2000. While the pandemic has served as a lemon, technology, creativity and dedication has helped ALSF make lemonade. 

This year, you can join Lemonade Days by hosting a stand or fundraising event between June 5-13. Signing up is easy (and we’ll send you some great stuff to help you with your stand, too!). To register, just head here!  Once you have your event page, you can begin planning and sharing your stand. 

Looking for ideas? Here are six creative ways you can host a lemonade stand in 2021 and help kids with cancer:

1.    Host a Front Yard Lemonade Stand
Keep it simple and authentic with a front yard lemonade stand! Set up a table, decorate with some lemon-themed table clothes, make some signs and of course, make some lemonade. You can even set up multiple stands in your front yard to help your crowd stay socially distanced. 

2.    Get Creative with Lemonade Distribution
In order to keep things moving and safe, prepackage your lemonade. Whether you distribute packets of lemonade mix with small bottles of water, pre-poured lemonade with lids or bottles of lemonade, choose an option that is easy for grab and go! 

3.    Turn Your Stand into a Parade
Who doesn’t love a parade? Ask your supporters to drive by in cars decorated in a lemonade theme. Maybe plan a lemonade car decorating contest and reward the winner with some swag from Alex’s Shop!

4.    Mask it Up Lemonade Style
Be safe with fun lemonade-themed masks from the ALSF shop! ALSF has several different masks available in adult and youth sizes! Check out the Lemon Slice or the Lemonade and Lemons Face Buff.

5.    Offer Pre-Paid or Virtual Cups
To minimize contact, suggest that your supporters donate in advance of the fundraiser. Just share your fundraising page to collect online donations. Then, arrange a pick up or delivery of lemonade or send them a virtual cup. Be sure to thank them (which we know you know!)

6.    Add Some More Distant Fun
Maybe your past lemonade stands have included crafts or extra lemonade treats. Pre-package crafts to-go, order cupcakes and ask your local bakery to individually wrap or grab some pre-wrapped lemon candy to sweeten the experience. 

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*Before any fundraiser, make sure to check for the most up-to-date guidelines from the CDC and local officials regarding COVID-19 in your area.